What if Mexicans celebrated July 4th the way Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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NEWS 150709914 AR 0 ZXIFRMKUJHFXIt’s 4th of July, and, as usual, people all across Mexico will be dressing like Uncle Sam, shot-gunning Budweisers, and putting ketchup on giant T-bone steaks.

Or at least that’s what would happen if Mexicans celebrated the Fourth of July the way Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

FLAMA, an online channel created by Univision, released a hilarious short video that shows exactly what that would look like: A boozy, stereotype-laden excuse to party.

Sound familiar? 

In the US, Cinco De Mayo has become an excuse to knock back margaritas while sporting a sombrero. For most Mexicans it’s no big deal. It’s nothing more than a national holiday.

So you can imagine the bewilderment felt by many Mexicans every year when people in the United States put on sombreros, stuff themselves with guacamole and get drunk on margaritas to mark a battle that has nothing to do with their country and that many mistake for Mexico’s Independence Day. Here’s what happens when you turn the tables.

 Source: Daily News  

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