Bars Capacity Increased, Hotels Will Be Able To Operate At 100%.

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Night clubs, bars and casinos at 75%, this was announced by the Members of the Health Board

Hotels and motels in the state of Jalisco, including those in Puerto Vallarta and the entire north and south coast of the state, will be able to operate again at 100% of their capacity, as before the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced this Monday by members of the Health Board of the government of Jalisco, who informed that the hotel sector will also be able to operate at 80% capacity in its common areas, convention and exhibition halls. According to the Mesa de Salud Jalisco, restaurants may operate at 90% of their capacity during the hours indicated in their license.

Bars, Night Clubs And Casinos In the case of bars, night clubs, nightclubs and casinos, they may open at 75% of their capacity, as long as they continue to respect all health safety measures for their personnel and customers. With the new sanitary measures, recreational activities and the use of forums for events with up to 150 people are allowed, although the restriction to make last minute offers is maintained. In event halls, up to 400 people may gather in closed spaces and 800 in open-air events. In government offices, a capacity of 80% was authorized. Workshops, artistic academies and tourist transportation may have a capacity of 85%. The same level was authorized for cinemas, theaters, forums, museums, galleries, gymnasiums, water parks and cultural centers.