Bars Exceeded Their Capacity

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There was a lack of authorities in the bars so they exceeded their permitted capacity.

Last night the bars were overflowing with tourists trying to access the different bars in the Romantic Zone, such as La Noche, Industry, Mr. Flamingos, La Cantina, and Bites among others, after the new restriction to the entrance of bars, imposed by the Jalisco Board of Health, with the objective of avoiding more contagions of the coronavirus, the new variant of the omicron virus. Last night the bars were full to bursting with people, who without any problem were able to access only by showing their vaccination certificate, and is that foreigners mostly Americans and Canadians already have their vaccination certificate of at least 2 vaccines; unfortunately there were some people who could not access because even though they were looking in their cell phones their proof of vaccination, they could not find it so they were not allowed to pass, and they had to leave.

The bars did comply with the stipulations of the law of not allowing access to the person who did not have their certificate or a negative coronavirus test of no more than 48hrs. In addition to checking the sanitation measures such as gel application and temperature check, but they failed in the measures of capacity, as the bars exceeded their capacity so they were all glued to each other and with a greater number of people than allowed by the authorities who marked a capacity of 70 percent and not more, where they were asked to monitor the separation of tables between diners. Something that definitely failed them. There was a lack of authorities in bars so that nightclubs and bars exceeded their capacity without anyone stopping them.

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