4 Unique Puerto Vallarta Day Trip Ideas! (part 1)

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384 vistas 25 ene 2023 PUERTO VALLARTA
Opportunities for day trips from Puerto Vallarta are endless – whether you want undisturbed beaches, sleepy fishing villages, mountain adventures, hiking, hidden beaches or historic towns, you have so many options.

These Puerto Vallarta day trip ideas are perfect for people looking for:

  • A day off the beach or resort
  • Things to do on a cruise ship stop
  • Getting off the beaten path
  • Some new things if you feel like you’ve done all the regular day trip stuff!

This is part one in my series about some of the best excursions and places to see near Puerto Vallarta on a day trip.

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Hot Springs tour: https://viator.tp.st/ihGtQ9U4

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