Cancun vs. Puerto Vallarta Mexico: Here's Which Side is Better

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Do you prefer the Caribbean or Pacific coast of Mexico? We're comparing Puerto Vallarta to the Riviera Maya/Cancun side of Mexico to help you pick which side of Mexico is better for your next vacation! We'll look at the beaches and how swimmable they are, weather & climate, activities/excursions/things to do on each coast, types of accommodations, safety, prices & cost and overall vibes.

Mexico east coast vs. west coast: the ultimate showdown. Which side of Mexico do you like better?

Puerto Vallarta vs Riviera Maya: Here’s How to Choose Your Next Mexico Vacation

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Quick Comparison
2:23 Beaches & Water
4:00 Weather & Climate
4:58 Activities & Things to Do
7:50 Hotels & Accommodations
8:55 Safety
9:38 Prices
10:05 Which Side I Prefer...


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