Become A Certified Travel Coach

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The travel industry and the tourism market have changed significantly. There is a big fight for your vacation dollars going on. Countries try to keep people within their borders. Travel warnings are a great marketing tool to raise fear. Mexico's tourism fell 46% because of travel advisories and the health crisis. Competent travelers look behind the smokescreen and know how to filter and interpret the so-called facts. They take advantage of the situation, get great deals and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Travel Secrets TV and United States Online University (usou.edu) teamed up and developed an online program that leads to the designation "Certified Travel Coach". The program is intended to empower travelers to gain inside into the travel industry and greatly benefit from this insider knowledge. They learn how to better plan, fine-tune their own traveler profile, enhance their on-location experience, and substantially stretch their vacation dollars. As Certified Travel Coach, they share this knowledge with others, coach clients full- or part-time, and earn money for exciting vacations. The Certified Travel Coach program starts on October 1st, 2021, and can be accessed through: http://www.usou.edu/ctc Vallarta Today and Vallarta University will also offer the program: http://www.vallartatoday.com

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