About 90 Palms will be Planted in the Median Strip of Los Poetas Avenue

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About 90 palm trees will be placed on the median strip of the Los Poetas Avenue, where on Wednesday the first of them began to be planted as part of the "Reforestation of Palms", which includes the different avenues of the city and the waterfront, said Guillermo Salcedo director of the Municipal Utilities.

"The idea is to place around a 180 this year, it is about planting in the avenue of Los Poetas, whatever is missing on the Francisco Medina Ascencio avenue, as well as the Mexico Avenue and some on the boardwalk" noted the head of the Municipal Public Utilities, adding that it is a priority for the mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Ramón Guerrero Martinez, to perform reforestation on the main streets of the town.

This program is based on palm donation by the citizenry, and it corresponds to the area of Parks and Gardens to be in charge of transferring and planting palm trees, "the idea is that those who have palm trees that they don't need at home, we can move them and plant them, saving us about four thousand pesos per tree, which would mean only in the Los Poetas avenue, saving 360 thousand pesos "explained Guillermo Salcedo.

Antonio Arreola Perez made ​​a donation of about 140 palms, meanwhile Luis Grain gave 40 more palms, besides other citizens who have given one or two palms, whom the councilman Javier Pelayo, president of the Municipal Utility Commission, thanked for their support and confidence in this government.

"There are many people in Puerto Vallarta with a good heart and who want to see their harbor be pretty, so they help us with palm trees, and it is through teamwork and the confidence of the people that we are performing these jobs," emphasized the councilman.

[readon1 url="http://notivallarta.com/2013/08/15/plantaran-alrededor-de-90-palmeras-en-los-camellones-de-avenida-los-poetas/"]Source: NotiVallarta Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]