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Puerto Vallarta Diversity and Gay Friendly

Vallarta General News
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gayfriendlyfrontPuerto Vallarta is considered one of the most popular gay friendly destinations in the world because of its tolerant environment, great gastronomy, awesome weather, beautiful beaches, and Mexican charm with a cosmopolitan touch.

In the “Romantic Zone” you will find establishments geared toward the gay community, as well as restaurants, hotels, beach clubs, spas, boutiques and art galleries where everything that you need for your vacation can be found.

Additionally, people from Vallarta are known for being open minded.

Thanks to this, you can stay in one of our gay or gay friendly hotels and enjoy our hospitality which will make you feel right at home. Taste the cuisine that only Puerto Vallarta can offer, as it blends the flavors of Mexico with those of the rest of the world. If you are looking for artisan work to decorate your home, there are beautiful pieces at the markets. As if that were not enough, there are concerts, festivals and cultural workshops all year long.

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is both diverse and active. We have bars, nightclubs and “cantinas” which will provide many nights of fun. There are also stripper and drag queen shows. We have sophisticated cafes and martini bars which will delight you with the most refined meals and drinks. As you can see, for these and more reasons, Puerto Vallarta is considered the largest gay destination in Mexico.

Source: Visit Puerto Vallarta