Sunset SUP Sessions at St. Regis – a Unique View of Punta Mita

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pmssaWe all know Punta Mita is paradise on earth, and two of the things we most enjoy here are: sunsets and the ocean, and even better if the sunsets involves an ocean view! Thinking of this Punta Mita Expeditions has created a new experience for all those who would like to enjoy Punta Mita from a different perspective. With their new Sunset SUP Sessions, you’ll have a unique view of Punta Mita at this magical time of the day.

Their Sunset SUP Sessions at St. Regis is a 1 hour activity ideal for enjoying with family and friends. You can either surf the calm waters of Punta Mita shore or simply sit down, relax and contemplate the breathtaking sunset. Tempting, no?

You’ll have wonderful  memories to take back home.

We also suggest to close the experience with a ice cold beer or a soft drink at The St. Regis’ Sea Breeze Beach, definitely  the best way to finish up a day on the beach!

For more information, prices and reservations, please contact the Ocean Activities Coordinator in any of their three locations: Residents’ Beach Club, The St. Regis’ Beach Club and the Outdoor Activities Center, located adjacent to the Punta Mita Real Estate Center at 329 291 6649 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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