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americanschoolpvThe American School of Puerto Vallarta is an independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian, coeducational institution offering a bilingual, bicultural education for students from nursery through grade 12. The School was founded in 1986 by local business leaders, intent upon offering an American-type education to the children of Puerto Vallarta. The school year consists of 185 days and extends from September to June.

Organization: The School is governed by a 5-member School Board comprised of parents and interested members of the community. The board has the same responsibilities and authority as private and public school boards in the United States. Members are appointed by a Board of Founders and serve for 5 years.

Curriculum: The curriculum is that of general academic private and public schools in the United States and Mexico. Instruction is in English and Spanish. Both English and Spanish are offered as a Second-Language. Strong emphasis is placed on individualized instruction, Second-Language acquisition, cooperative teaching, and individualized study techniques. Nursery, prekindergarten, kindergarten, and transitional first grade are total English immersion programs. In grades 1-6, students are enrolled in the U.S. program one half of the day and in the Mexican program one half of the day. In grades 7-12, all instruction is in English, except Spanish and Mexican social studies, supplemented by special classes in English and Spanish as Second-Languages, when needed. In addition, there are extensive computer classes, music, art, and physical education. High school students are offered both an American high school diploma program and/or the Mexican Preparatoria diploma program of studies. The School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Mexican Ministry of Education, and the National University of Mexico.

Faculty: As of September 2011, there were 40 full-time and 1 part-time faculty members.

Enrollment: Enrollment at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year, was 316 (N, PK-kdg.: 52; pre-first-grade 6: 158; grades 7-9: 65 and grades 10-12: 64).

Facilities: The school plant consists of 7 buildings which house 26 classrooms; two administrative suites and one conference room, 1 fully equipped infirmary, 2 full libraries, 2 science and 2 computer laboratories, administrative offices, restrooms, storerooms, and a cafeteria. The grounds include 2 cement play patios, 3 grass-covered sports fields, 2 basketball courts, a running track, an open theater, and a preschool play area. The School's property extends to more than 7 acres, which is sufficient for future growth and expansion.

Finances: The school's operational budget is derived from enrollment and tuition fees. Annual tuition rates during the 2011-2012: nursery: $5,423; PK: $5,423; kdg.: $5,423; pre–first- grade 6: $7,089; grades 7-9: $7,320; and grades 10-12: $7,833. Enrollment fee: nursery: $904; PK: $1,036; kdg.: $1,107; pre-first: $1,333; grades 1-6: $1,440; grades 7-9: $1,476; and grades 10-12: $1,494. New student enrollment fees: nursery-grade 12: $1,538. (All fees are quoted in U.S. dollars.)

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