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huracan-sandy-300x203Hurricane Sandy left the Bahamas on Friday after leaving 43 dead in the Caribbean and headed to the U.S., where he could join a system to form a super winter storm.

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Puerto Vallarta, Jal. - Puerto Vallarta’s natural beauty and people’s enthusiasm have been the inspiration of poets, musicians, writers and film makers throughout the years. All their artistic work, portraying our city in a graphic or sentimental way, has been piling up for several years and has contributed to our collective heritage; now it is the time to share this artistic work.

To this purpose, Vallarta Cultural Institute is inviting everyone to go to La Plaza de la Hermandad today, Wednesday at 7:30 pm. for the first session of “Miercoles de las Letras”; a program which will be taking place every other Wednesday with the purpose of sharing the artistic work that is now part of our heritage.

“Noche de Bablazos” is the name of this first meeting. Historians, chroniclers, poets and story tellers will be participating in this event and they will challenge each other with stories and accounts which they will be answering back and forth.
This cultural event is taking place thanks to the Vallarta Cultural Institute, together with Hotel Villa Premier, Colonia 5 de Diciembre Neighborhood Association, Control Development Center and Downtown Puerto Vallarta Real State Association.

It is anticipated that this program will be taking place every other Wednesday; although with time, it might become part of “Pueblo es Cultura” or “Talleres Itinerantes” (People is Culture and the Mobile Workshops) , in which case, “Miercoles Literarios” will join these programs at Plaza Hidalgo and Lazaros Cardenas.

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Puerto Vallarta, Jal.-with the implementation of the first railway crossing rehabilitated in the metropolitan area that increases the safety of motorists and pedestrians, opens in Guadalajara "smart lights", which via a sensor detects the proximity of the train and turn on the red light, while the remainder remain green.

To spearhead this Act at the intersection of the avenues Arcos and Inglaterra, the Secretary of mobility, Mauricio Gudiño, reported with the launch of this restored Cruiser, vehicles will cross not only an easier way railway routes because it is more level and, therefore, more fluid that will do so in safer conditions.

He explained that this is an action most of which have been undertaken in the field of road safety to save lives, as a result of a policy clear to reduce road accidents.

With an investment of 115 million pesos, is rehabilitated 38 railway crossings in the metropolitan area; of these, three are located in El Salto, eleven in Tlaquepaque, eleven in Tlajomulco, eight in Zapopan and five in Guadalajara. The work began last November and will end on January next year.

This work will improve the relationship between the automobile and railway because the accidents will be reduced crossing motorists and pedestrians will be safer and will increase the flow of traffic.

Each piece includes horizontal and vertical signage, leveling and alignment of the rail steel placement of sleepers, bearing surface, as well as installation of track circuits to detect trains and installation, programming and operation of traffic lights.

Pablo Suárez Coello, director general de Transporte Ferroviario y Multimodal from the Secretariat of communications and transport (SCT), Bernardo Gutiérrez Navarro, director general of the Centre SCT Jalisco, and Antonio Uribe Ramos, director of operation of FERROMEX, division Guadalajara were also present at this event.


  • Of the total budget earmarked for the rehabilitation of railway crossings nationwide, 40 percent is destined to Jalisco
  •  115 billion pesos will be invested and 38 railway crossings are rehabilitated.

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Puerto Vallarta, Jal. - The implementation of the Operative “Salvando Vidas” which is carried out in a permanent manner by the Municipal Highway administration continues fulfilling its primary objective, which is to prevent accidents that may cause death or serious consequences to people. It also helps to generate conscientiousness among citizens and at the same time, it gives a sense of security on the roads.

A total of 67 breathalyzer tests were administered this past weekend, out of which 26 people turn out to be at 40 to 80 degrees. These people were detained and placed at the disposition of the Municipal Judge; their vehicles were sent to the car lot.

According to Traffic and Transportation Law, the fines in the State of Jalisco for drunk driving, is the equivalent of 150 days of the minimum salary, equivalent to 10,445 pesos (a little over US$600.00). If the person is a re offender, besides paying the10, 445 pesos, their license is suspended temporarily or definitely, depending.

There were also 4 drivers whose results were between 25 and 30 degrees; these kind of drivers just go back home in their vehicle, and they only pay fifty percent of the regular fine.

At the same time, with the operative, the traffic agents do some preventive work, encouraging drivers to respect speed limits and obey security procedures to avoid accidents.

Motorcycle riders are also checked to verify the vehicle is in good condition and safe to ride, and that have the required legal documents; this has helped to recover a good number of stolen vehicles.

The check points will continue as established, on weekends, and in a sporadic manner on weekdays, making sure that our tourist destination continues being a very a safe place.

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Puerto Vallarta, Jal.- Vallarta Cultural Institute invites everyone to the “De Agua, Sol y Sal” (From Water, Sun and Salt) exhibit of the well known engraver artist Ireri Topete, at the Omar Alonso Gallery, this February 27 at 7:00 pm.

Nine books of the artist who are part of the series “Sobre la naturaleza y sus cambios” (About Nature and its Changes), and seven others “Sobre los testimonios del ayer” (About Evidence of the Past), both are part of “De sol, agua y sal” (Sun, Water and Salt) project. These are art pieces made out of images, drawings, photos and notes, in which the author reflects the transformation of Puerto Vallarta in time.

In the book series “Sobre la naturaleza y sus cambios”, Ireri Topete shows Puerto Vallarta’s different stages all through the rainy and windy season.
“I am interested on presenting my artistic work with different readings and I like my art to be presented to the spectators in free style. My intention, for example, is to put forward visual interpretations; same as Safir Simpson, who with his art, classifies the terrorization of hurricanes. I think nature and life itself is in a constant change and continuous movement”, Topete points out.

“Sobre los testimonies de ayer” series was done with images from the Historic Photo Archives of the onetime Puerto Vallarta’s chronicler Carlos Munguia Fregoso. Images are combined with lithographic and xylographic conveyances.

The Project is part of the work developed by Ireri Topete as member of the National Foundation of Culture and Arts (FONCA) and the National Committee of Culture and Arts (CONACULTA).

Ireri Topete is from Puerto Vallarta and a graduate from the School of Plastic Arts of Guadalajara University; her art has been displayed in 17 individual exhibits and in more than 80 group exhibits in Mexico, United States, Canada, Holland and Japan. Topete is also the Director of the engraving workshop at the Cuale Cultural Center.
The exhibit will remain open until March 27.

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NOW ONLY $45 PER PERSON PER NIGHT!Vallarta Shores in now offering a Barack Obama approved stimulus package for all of its resort properties. That's right the Economic Stimulus Package has now reached Vallarta through Vallarta Shores International's Stimulus Package. Now until the end of April Vallarta Shores is offering resort stay packages at only $45 per person per night and the reception from the consumer has been well stimulating to say the least. All Vallarta Shores resort properties are participating in this unheard of price. This Stimulus Package applies to you, whether you're looking for a 1 bedroom beachfront condo, a 3 bedroom penthouse suite with chef and private pool, or an 8 bedroom Villa in Vallarta's "Beverly Hills" or anything in between. Call them today to make your reservation and make sure to ask for your Stimulus Package rate and when you return home thank President Obama for his approval.
Call toll free from the US or Canada 1 (800) 228-4552 or locally at (322) 222 3838.

Whether your planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta or your just sick of your tiny hotel room style accommodations Vallarta Shores has something waiting for you that you are destined to love. Visit them at http://www.Vallartashores.com.

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Sayulita is a sleepy little beach town 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta along the Riviera Nayarit, a 200-mile stretch of the Pacific Coastline in Mexico. This small town is known for its relaxed hippy vibe, a rich Huichol artisan culture and a town square that is totally walkable.

Here are 10 things you absolutely must experience during your stay in Sayulita, besides lounging on the beach all day because that's a given!


1. Drink Tequila
The number one rule in Mexico is that you can't trust the water, but you can always trust the tequila!
Don't let the name fool you. Sayulita Fish Taco is also a world class tequila bar offering more than 300 types of tequila. One too many tastes and it may start to-kill-ya. (Get it?)


2. Eat a Fish Taco
The Real Fish Taco slings fresh-out-of-the-sea and hot-off-the-grill fish tacos from a little stand with a tagline of "Fish Taco My Ass... Get a Real One." Just steps off the beach, it's far too easy to consume too many of these tacos as they come on a freshly made tortilla and topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and a special creamy/spicy sauce. Sure, the fish tacos live up to their name, but I would even dare say that the shrimp tacos are better!


3. Cool off with a Paleta
Horchata, cookies n' cream, coconut, passionfruit... The flavors of paletas (traditional Mexican popsicles) are endless at WaKika Heladeria. You won't find any list of flavors here so be sure to listen up when they start naming the 20+ flavors in the case. Choose between the rich creamy milk based popsicles or the light refreshing all fruit popsicles. Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed. Since the price is right and the sun is shining, it sure is easy to justify stopping by everyday!


4. Admire the Local Artisans
The Huichol people are an indigenous tribe to Mexico and are known for creating intricate and bright yarn
paintings and bead work where a layer of wax is applied to a surface and then yarn or beads are pressed into the wax. The most stunning example of this can be found at the dreamy shop Evoke the Spirit, which seems to capture the essence of Sayulita.

Established by Brittney Borjeson, an NY transplant who first fell in love with Sayulita in 2012, the shop and much of the merchandise are designed by Borjeson and made by local Huichol artisans. Stop by to admire the wall of skull "paintings" and even see some of the action as pieces are being made in shop.

Artefakto is another inspiring store stocked with all local artisan made products with an emphasis on textiles and jewelry. To get up close and personal, be sure to shop the local markets, which pop up on the weekends all around town.


5. Love the Colors
With the combination of sunshine and bright pops of color, it's nearly impossible not to feel happy in Sayulita!
You'll find brightly painted buildings and colorful pompoms all around town, which is a traditional Huichol adornment. (There is a great little kiosk just off the beach, where the owner creates beautiful strands of gradient pompoms.)Even the graveyard is a colorful work of art as they believe that death is as beautiful as life and their final resting


6. Be a tourist: See the Marietta Islands
It's hard to avoid being a tourist when you are somewhere new. Don't let your pride get in the way of seeing the Marietta Islands. Sure, you have to join some silly cruise line to get out there. Sure, it's an all day trek. BUT, just imagine a volcano in the ocean, with a hole in it, with a beach in the hole, that you can swim to. Have you booked your ticket yet?

2015-04-07-1428441482-5190962-Surf.pngImage via Lunazul Surf School

7. Go Surfing
Sayulita Beach is one of the few places along the coast with great waves, making it a hotspot for surfing. From hourly surfboard rentals to multi-day surf camps, Lunazul Surf School is here to help anyone accomplish their pipe dreams. Beginners fear not! There is a designated section for those new to the sport. With over 100 surfboards in store, their friendly staff will help you find the perfect board. Now, riding the perfect wave is up to you!

2015-04-07-1428441598-7569297-Hamara.pngImage via Haramara Retreat

8. Namaste
Get your yoga on at Haramara Retreat, meaning "Mother Sea" in the native Huichol Indian language, which is an intimate and secluded yoga retreat nestled in the jungle with an amazing beach view. With an emphasis on being one with nature, this magical place was built without mechanical equipment as to not damage the jungle, and each structure was hand-built using traditional construction methods You will find your inner peace and will want to nama-stay forever.


9. Get a Good Night's Sleep
Christophe and Marina Mignot sure know how to live right, as they spent 10 years on a sailboat before opening
their six room boutique hotel in the heart of Sayulita. With the motto "Live for the love of life," Petit Hotel Hafa is a wonderful mixture of Mexican, Mediterranean and Moroccan design and their signature red  Hafa heart can be found throughout. Just two blocks from the beach, it's easy to bask in the sun all day and relax on their cozy rooftop while sipping some (complimentary) tequila at night. With rooms starting at $50/ night, it doesn't actually get any better than this!


10. Watch a Sunset
Be sure to catch the sunset since it is different every night in Sayulita. Some nights it is cotton-candy pink.
Some nights it is moody. Some nights it is electric! Every night it is worth it.




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 Renee Perez does it again. This time it is “Fantasticks”, a delightful romantic musical comedy about first love, with the girl next door.
Renee Perez, Producer, Director, Choreographer and whatever else needs to be done, has been producing Musicals at the American School for the past 12 years Miss Renee has gathered a wonderful cast, Jayce Johnson, who we used to call little Jayce when he sang with Spotlight, is now grown up to be the lead “El Gallo” in this production. I enjoyed his rendition of “Try to Remember” immensely. Jayce has long been a favorite of mine.
Luisa, played by Jacqui Ruesga, and Matt, by Jeffrey Bernal, are the young lovers, and Hucklebee, by Juan Ramon Gonzalez, and Bellomy, by Rodney Ingraham are the fathers. Other young thespians in the cast include, Diego Hernandez, D’Michael Williams, and Miriam Baumgartner.
“Fantasticks” will be presented on December 1, 2, and 3, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at the American School.
I will personally guarantee that you will have a wonderful night if you attend.
I saved the best for last; the price of admission is only a paltry $80 pesos. Compare that to the $300 and 350 other places are charging.

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If you need a break from gift shopping and holiday parties, this is a perfect time to start planning a beach getaway. While we all have our favorite tropical destinations, it could be time to consider going somewhere new. The 2014–2015 beach season is offering a wide variety of new beach hotels which span the globe. Whether you’re looking to take a dip in the Caribbean, Pacific, or Indian Ocean, you can find thoughtful design, luxurious amenities and access to a great beach at all of these resorts. Here’s a look at the best new beach hotels opening around the world. Christina Valhouli writes about travel, beauty and lifestyle trends. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Post and Departures.com. Follow her on Twitte


Villa Celeste.

Where: Mexico

Imagine yourself in a private and glorious oceanfront estate overlooking the beautiful Bay of Banderas, the gentle blue bay that beckons travelers to world famous Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the jewel of the Mexican Riviera. Experience magnificent vistas from the ocean rocks at Mismaloya to the northernmost point at Punta Mita, along with mountains, ocean and blue skies while enjoying cool ocean breezes. Luxuriate with incredible sunsets as "el Sol" dives behind the Pacific rim. Welcome to Villa Celeste, one of Puerto Vallarta's finest vacation retreats! An incredible 5 bedroom, 7 bath majestic Spanish-style estate on Conchas Chinas beach, Villa Celeste is the epitome of Mexican luxury. http://villacelestevallarta.com/



Where: St. Kitts

Under-the-radar St. Kitts never gets as much attention as its glitzier neighbor, Nevis, but that could change with the opening of the new Belle Mont Farm. Slated to open December 12, the Belle Mont is the first full-blown luxury resort to open on the island (up until now, the island’s best accommodation was in plantation homes). It features stand-alone cottages dotted around a 400-acre organic farm, with private infinity pools and outdoor claw foot tubs.

Insider Tip: The Belle Mont farm grows the unusual and hard to find Miracle Fruit, which scrambles taste buds and makes sour food taste sweet for a few hours after consumption. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s St. Kitts and Nevis Travel Guide



Where: Puerto Rico

Just off the coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques is famous for its bioluminescent bay, which glows in the dark. The newest place to stay there is the El Blok hotel. Open since October 1, the hotel has an ultra modern style, featuring curved concrete and an exterior filigree design. El Blok features 22 rooms and a rooftop infinity pool. The in-house restaurant is helmed by James Beard-nominee Jose Enrique, and the menu will feature small plates and light fare such as wood-grilled meats. Insider Tip: Vieques is full of wild horses, which are descended from stock originally brought over by European colonizers. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Puerto Rico Travel Guide



Where: Kenya

If you’re debating between a safari or a beach vacation, one way to incorporate both is to book a stay at the new Saruni Ocean, located on Kenya’s south coast. Opening on December 15, the resort will features 7 villas, each with views of the Indian Ocean. The décor is sleek but uses traditional materials such as wood and thatch. The hotel’s Sarunity spa will offer water-based therapies that incorporate natural ingredients like seaweed. Snorkeling and diving are offered through the resort, but there are also land-based activities, such as safaris and game drives. Insider Tip: Guests looking for an adrenaline rush can sky dive – barefoot- over the Indian Ocean if interested. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Kenya Travel Guide

thompson-miami-beach  large


Where: Miami

Miami is in the midst of a hotel explosion, and one of the most stylish is the new Thompson Miami Beach. Located just north of South Beach’s epicenter, the hotel, which opened November 21, features mid-century modern design with streamlined furniture, plenty of patterns, and bright pops of color. There are also two large pools and a restaurant run by James Beard winner Michelle Bernstein. Head to the 1930s House for innovative cocktails and nibbles. Insider Tip: Thompson Miami Beach uses turtle-sensitive lights in the hotel, as its beach is a breeding ground for the endangered sea turtle. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Miami Travel Guide



Where: Anguilla

This legendary resort re-opened on November 1 following a three-year closure for renovations. Now a member of Auberge Resorts, Malliouhana offers 44 ocean view rooms and 360-degree views of the Caribbean. Guestrooms feature a mix of pastel hues and white to blend in with the ocean views. For indulging, there’s a two-tiered infinity pool and an Auberge Spa. Guests looking to burn calories can sign up for paddleboard yoga, beach boot camp, or sunrise yoga. Insider Tip: Anguilla’s beaches are considered some of the best in the Caribbean, with some people claiming that the water’s color includes hundreds of shades of blue and green. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Anguilla Travel Guide



Where: Key West

The newest place to stay in the Keys will be the Gates Hotel Key West when it opens in February 2015. The 100-room hotel will have a contemporary design, and there will be a focus on fitness (as well as fun). Sign up for a guided sunrise/sunset bike tour, or try out water aerobics or stand-up paddle boarding. Don’t miss the hotel’s Rum Row bar to try out chef-distilled rum blends from local partner Key West First Legal Rum Distillery. Insider Tip: Any visit to Key West must include cigars, so head to the Rodriguez Cigar Factory in Old Town, is oldest cigar maker on the island, and learn how to roll a cigar. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Key West Travel Guide



Where: Hawaii

This boutique property on Maui is wrapping up a $15 million dollar renovation and is slated to re-open later this month. The Hotel Wailea will feature 72 one-bedroom suites, with kitchenettes and private lanais, spread over 15 acres. The brand new pool will offer luxury cabanas as well as a new apothecary-style pool bar, where the in-house mixologist whips up cocktails as well as freshly pressed juices. Those who want to do more than wallow on the beach can take advantage of daily yoga classes (the hotel has a partnership with Lululemon), canoeing, or kite-surfing lessons. Insider Tip: Kerry Mekeel, the poolside mixologist and raw food chef, treks through the jungle to hunt down fresh ingredients for her cocktails. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Maui Travel Guide



Where: Mexico

Opened in June, the new Matlali Hotel is located in the hills of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and overlooks Mexico's Banderas Bay, just north of Puerto Vallarta. The resort has 40 private villas with ocean and mountain views, and the décor is contemporary with pops of color. At the resort, guests can get pampered at the Makawé Spa, or tuck into tuna sashimi or grilled octopus at the open-air Raixes restaurant. Matlali offers access to the Eva Mandarina Beach Club, where guests can sail, dive, surf, and snorkel. Insider Tip: Hop onboard the resort’s private yacht and sail to Islas Marietas, which offers crystal clear waters that are ideal for snorkeling. The interior of the island is accessible only through an underwater sea cave. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide



Where: Mexico

The new Hotel Cacao, which opened in September, offers travelers a beach getaway combined with urban amenities. Located on Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue, the hotel is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and clubs, but it’s just a five-minute walk to the beach and the hotel’s beach club. The 60 rooms have bold colors and a streamlined design, and natural materials such as Mexican travertine and tropical wood are used throughout the resort. Insider Tip: The rooftop bar offers tequila and mescal cocktails along with views of Cozumel island. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Riviera Maya Travel Guide

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Route expansions may not seem like exciting news, but they're a bigger deal than you probably think. Why? Because they often spark competition between airlines and drive down fares on multiple carriers. If your New Year's resolution involves traveling more, it may be time to give one of these new routes a try.

San Francisco to Las Vegas on JetBlue

This month, JetBlue launched new nonstop service between San Francisco and Las Vegas. This route is already covered by nonstop flights from other major players, including Southwest, United, and Virgin America. Right now, the introductory rate on the nonstop route is as low as $148.

Boston to Cleveland on JetBlue

Another nonstop route on JetBlue's horizon is the launch of its 88th destination: Cleveland. This expansion is much needed to fill the void left by United when it dropped more than 100 daily flights to Cleveland in 2014. Expect JetBlue's Boston-Cleveland inaugural flight on April 30.

Denver to Los Angeles and Denver to San Diego on Spirit

The Mile High City is reaching new heights with Spirit. The carrier is adding nonstop Denver flights from two major California cities: Los Angeles (beginning on April 16) and San Diego (launched on January 6). These two new additions make Spirit's ninth and 10th nonstop connections in Denver. And on January 6, Spirit increased its Denver-Chicago service to two daily nonstop flights.

Houston to Aruba on Southwest

Southwest Airlines has set its eyes on the lucrative international market. Starting March 7, Southwest customers will have access to Houston-Aruba with Saturday-only flights. The new Caribbean route also points to Southwest's other ambition: expanding into the Latin American market. In December, the airline filed applications with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to fly from Houston to four popular Mexican vacation spots: Cancun, Los Cabos, Mexico City, and Puerto Vallarta, as well as Belize City, Belize, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Baltimore/Washington, D.C., to San Jose, Costa Rica, on Southwest

Southwest is also venturing into Costa Rica with flights from Baltimore/Washington International. San Jose is Southwest's introduction to the international market outside of the Caribbean and Mexico -- and an aggressive one, with daily nonstops from the nation's capital.

Houston to Tokyo on All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced new routes from Houston to one of its hub cities, Tokyo. Starting June 12, Narita Airport and Houston Bush International will give United Airlines some healthy competition. Both carriers' Japan/Texas routes are nonstop. This is ANA's 10th North American destination, and one it hopes will be the catalyst to connect Houston to Central and South America.

Houston to Tampa on Spirit

Spirit will soon connect Houston and Tampa with daily nonstop service beginning March 26. This is just one of 10 new routes to Bush International that the carrier announced last month. Other cities with new nonstop air travel from Houston include Baltimore/D.C.; Oakland (seasonal only); Cancun; Los Cabos, Mexico (seasonal only); Toluca, Mexico (seasonal only); Managua, Nicaragua; San Jose, Costa Rica; San Pedro Sula, Honduras; and San Salvador, El Salvador. If these 10 new routes go through (these international markets are not yet wholly approved by the DOJ but are expected to be long before the May launch dates), that'll be 22 city pairs out of Houston International Airport for Spirit.

New York City to Birmingham, England, on American

New York City and Birmingham, England, will soon be paired up with American Airlines flights. Daily service is due to commence on May 7. In addition to Birmingham, American will expand its presence in five other U.K. cities, including Edinburgh, which is also set to launch on May 7. Both new transatlantic routes are seasonal and will be flown under the American Airlines-British Airways codeshare partnership. Higher demand on the Los Angeles -- London route is pushing American to increase its frequency to two daily flights beginning March 29.

Miami to Frankfurt on American

Move over, Lufthansa, American is getting back into the Miami-Frankfurt market! A route currently dominated by Germany's flagship carrier, the southern Florida-Frankfurt market hasn't been served by American since 1997, but that'll change with daily service by American come May 14. The two cities make an obvious pair, as one's the banking capital of Europe while the other is a thriving international center.

Boston to Las Vegas on Virgin America

As of January 8 and only seasonally through April 28, Virgin America now offers nonstop Boston-Las Vegas flights four times per week. That's direct competition for JetBlue, which currently covers the city pair and cites it as its second most popular route.

Equally exciting are Virgin America's seasonal flights from New York's JFK to Ft. Lauderdale, which will be offered daily through April 28.