Successful Inauguration Of The First "Punta Mita Beach Festival" In The Hotel St. Regis

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On Thursday, July 4 the inaugural "Punta Mita Beach festival" was held at the famous Hotel St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, in Nayarit with the presence of important personalities and celebrities from Mexico City.

Carl Emberson General Director of St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, mentioned the importance of having an event of this quality, which will be annual and will feature guidelines to the events of the lifestyle of Punta Mita that surrounds everything that has to do with beach life, whether the cuisine, tropical drinks, surf clinics, yoga classes, massages and all that sea life, even a sand castle competition.

In the gourmet part, recognized chefs participated as guests including Thierry Bloeut from the Café des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta, Demeo from the U.S. and Linda Cherem from Mexico. The inaugural dinner was attended by 180 people who visited us from Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Italy, USA and Canada,

The opening dinner was held in the luxurious facilities of the Hotel on the beach with a spectacular ocean view and an amazing sunset, on a table on the sand and in the company of many celebrities of Mexico city, such as Silvia Navarro, Tony Dalton, Iza Gonzalez and Dominika Paleta, who enjoyed delicious dishes and tropical drinks prepared with special whiskey, thus achieving a successful event.

The Director of this important complex mentioned the event goal of publicizing the "Life Style" of what St. Regis is known for Worldwide, by a life style, by moments and by different experiences, which are unique. Which only St. Regis Punta Mita offers.

The event is open to the public and will consist of three days filled with lots of activity. You can check the event page which is www.eventopuntamita.com slash beach festival and participate for a dinner or a stand up paddle race for 2 km on Friday and Saturday 5 km. there is an entry that includes food with a cost of 800 pesos.

There is also a donation, to a charitable institution, the foundation Tanana of Huichol art in the Sayulita area, who will be present selling their crafts and the gathered money will be for the foundation.

At the social events there will be a closing dinner, a beach festivity and on Friday night, a beach party in the presence of 2 major dj's, and on Saturday there will be a pairing dinner with the recognized chef Linda Cherem.

The sponsors of this event are Coca Cola, Del Valle, Minerva Heineken, Jaguar and Land Rover.

DSC07190 DSC07191
Cassie Girard, Susan Chomeau, Carl Emberson,
Director General, The St. Regis, Jim Chomeau
Kalena Chomeau, Allie Chomeau
 Dr. Kim Norland, Kelly Norland
DSC07193 DSC07194
Tony Dalton Actor  Sabine Emberson (Wife of Carl Emberson)
DSC07196 DSC07198
 Thierry Blouet and His Team Karla Cortina, Linda Cherem, and Zelma Cherem
DSC07199 DSC07201
leslie, Miles, Zane and Jon Norris Caroline, Jordan and Jillian 
DSC07203 DSC07204
Andrés Rossetta Todd Dressel
DSC07215 DSC07216
Michael and Ohara St. Regis Mario and Marianna Lamarca
DSC07200 DSC07223
Sylvia Navarro and Jimena Galvan David Hite, Evelyn Dorwart
Larry Dorwart Zuly Aviles and Jon Murphy
DSC07219 DSC07226
Sylvia Navarro and Jimena Galvan Oliver Atkins Director, Food & Beverage St. Regis
DSC07234 DSC07242
Jaguar and Land Rover, Event Sponsors kalena Chomeau y Allie Chomeau
DSC07247 DSC07251
Karine Coufal and Mónica Leaño Opening Dinner Overlooking The Bay
DSC07255 DSC07250
Special Guests Small Guests of Honor