The Polo Cup Assembles International Celebrities, Personalities From The Artistic Environment And Socialite Of Our Country

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The Victory Was For The Team Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta.

THE POLO CUP managed to gather important personalities of everyone in our country, who first experienced a Polo show in the beach. Closing with a flourish the second edition of the Polo Cup Tournament on the beach made ​​on July 5, 6, and 7 in Nuevo Vallarta II Riviera Nayarit International Beach Polo Cup 2013.

The guests enjoyed an exciting ending where the entire audience joined in cheers and applause, in a polo show rarely seen in the world. It certainly was a unique team final between HARD ROCK and OUTDOORS / FACES , where the champion was the representative of Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta, defeating his opponent 6 goals to 4.

The event brought together more than 1,000 visitors from Argentina, Canada, England, France, United States and Mexico. Who enjoyed their stay in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta.

The Final was held at the beach in the famous Peninsula Resort in Nuevo Vallarta. Where we could observe the excellent coordination of horses and players of this famous sport, certainly there was the experience of professionalism and extreme LUXURY, GLAMOUR, ROCK and POLO among the players who make up the most important Polo leagues of the world.

Once more we achieved a strong international projection and we will be in the most important tourist destinations of the world.

Names and Photo Numbers

7980 Juan Carlos “El Borrego” Nava and a special guest

7981 Beauties pose for the camera

8002 Finalist Teams

HARD ROCK HOTEL VALLARTA Santiago Solari,Rogerd Girard and StephaneFiset.

OUTDOORS/ROSTROS Tono Madrazo, José Alfonso, and Tucán Pereyra.

8061 Almendra Morquecho

8096 Lemmus Family

8097 Argentinian polo stars

8098 Marcelo Araya Argentinian player poses for his fans

8153 the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta team celebrates their triumph

8065 Polo at the Beach

8095 A very exciting final.

8101 they happily celebrate the triumph.

7688 Eduardo Zorrilla, Argentinian Polo star who represented the most important Italian sports car company in the world Maserati

7740 Santiago Solari recognized as the best player in the game.

7951 Excellent coordination