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Get More Customers Today!

Vallarta Today Online Produces

2.1 Million Customers Views each month!

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Vallarta Today Charges a Fee when a Customer Views Your Promotion!

  • Completely Production Based:   Our state of the art advertising system is based on Cost Per 1000 viewed (CPM - Cost Per Mil). You only pay for advertising when a prospective customer views your promotional graphic or advertisement.  The promotional banner must actually be in the view of rhe person in their browser for it to count as a "View".  This is called an "Ad Impression". This is by far the most popular method as the Vallarta Today client pays only for production not some pie in the sky prediction of results.
  • Only One View Counted Per Graphic Per Day:  If a customer views your promotional graphic multiple times in one day (24 hours), only the first view of that graphic, that day counts toward the customer views.
  • Approximate Advertising Campaign Time Period:  Based on current Vallarta Today readership traffic, your promotion package will last for a period of time based on the number of different banner ads you have in the campaign.  With one promotional graphic, 1000 views will be completed in approximately 2 to 3 days. Additional promotional graphics in different positions throughout Vallarta Today will increase your exposure and results dramatically, but will also reduce the published time as each graphic is counted individually.  Many of our clients purchase their customer views in larger amounts to enjoy substantial savings increasing their return on investment.
  • Positions on Vallarta Today Site: There are multiple positons throughout Vallarta Today  Your promotional graphics can be placed in one or more of these selected site positions or pages are allowed, promotional graphic customer views are reported individually.
  • Promotional Graphics:  Creating graphics for your promotional campaign are extra, starting at $250MXN. If you provide the necessary graphics from your graphics designer, there is no extra fee. You will need to provide graphic that has a clear "Call to Action" to get the most benefit.
  • Banner Types: Standard, Transition, Floating, Pop Up
  • Banner Sizes:  468px x 60px, 200px x 117px, 180px x 150px , 250px x 250px
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Production Reporting:  Our leading edge system provides a detailed view and click report on a daily, weekly and or a monthly basis.
  • Vallarta Business Directory Listing: The Vallarta Business and Services Directory listing is included at no additional charge for all customer promotion packages. This exclusive directory entry allows you to create your business and promotional presentation to the customer, allowing you to modify the directory anytime you need to update your promotions.

How to get started

Step 1: Select the package using the button below
Step 2: Register as a Vallarta Today advertiser
Step 3: Add Banners
Step 4: Start a Campaign

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Call us at Vallarta Today if you need any help creating your ad!  322.152.5226

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