Jalisco Cup 2023: Soccer Showdown In Puerto Vallarta & Teocaltiche

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A Battle for Glory: Puerto Vallarta's Quest for Redemption

This Sunday, July 2nd, the soccer teams of Puerto Vallarta and Teocaltiche will face off in an exhilarating match at "La Preciosa" field in Ixtapa at 4:00 pm.

As we enter the tournament playoffs, our Puerto Vallarta team will play the crucial return match that will determine the championship. In the previous game, we suffered a 3-2 defeat against Teocaltiche on their home turf. This Sunday will decide whether our team continues in the tournament or exits. This time, Puerto Vallarta will fight back on our own turf. The community is invited to support their team with a spirited crowd that will uplift and motivate the players.

The Jalisco Cup takes place in municipalities throughout the state, and while not all municipalities have fielded their own teams, they are contributing to the sport. The matches will be streamed live on the official COMUDE websites.

Last year, the Puerto Vallarta women's team clinched the Cup, establishing themselves as the most prominent selection in Jalisco and elevating the sport in our city. In support, COMUDE provides uniforms and meals to inspire the boys' triumph.

The Jalisco Cup follows the regulations set by the State Association of Amateur Soccer of Jalisco and FEMEXFUT (Mexican Football Federation). We are now in the final stage of the playoffs, and if Puerto Vallarta emerges victorious, we will advance to the finals. Come and show your support for your team!

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