Lionel Messi Scores His 50th Goal Of The Season

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ssportfrontIn the last week people have started to question whether or not it's actually Cristiano Ronaldo who is the world's best player and not Lionel Messi.

But the Argentine has his own answer.

Of course it would be nice to live in a world where we didn't compare these two incredible players and just enjoyed them both but that's just not possible.

Instead we live in a world of fan boys where favouring one tends to mean abuse from the followers of the other, usually tracking me down on Twitter after an article.

The truth is we may be living in a time where two of the greatest, if not the greatest, players of all time are gracing the football pitches of Spain and Europe.

Whilst Ronaldo recently scored the 47th hat-trick of his club career and passed 100 Champions League goals with hat-tricks in two games, Messi recently scored his 500th Barca goal.

Now Messi has brought up yet another incredible record with his goal tonight against Villarreal. For yet another season Messi has 50 goals!

Messi's goal, along with Neymar's opener and the third added by Luis Suarez, means that the infamous 'MSN' front three have scored 100 goals between them once again.

Unfortunately for the Camp Nou team, and their fans, it still looks unlikely that they'll win the league this season as Real still have a game in hand.

Source: Sport Bible