Victory For Puerto Vallarta's Women's Team As They Defeat Tomatlán 4-0.

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The female football squad of Puerto Vallarta achieved a remarkable triumph this past weekend.

In the initial clash of the "Copa Vallarta" championship series between municipalities, the Puerto Vallarta team overpowered Tomatlán with a commanding score of 4 goals to 0, showcasing the astonishing athletic prowess prevalent within the locality.

On the past Saturday, August 5th, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the exhilarating first-leg semifinal against Tomatlán took place at the "La Preciosa" field situated in Ixtapa. Fortunately, the Puerto Vallarta team emerged victorious from this contest.

The 2023 edition of the Copa Jalisco, within its female category, signifies the grandest tournament in the annals of amateur football in the state of Jalisco. Each of the 125 participating municipalities takes immense pride in being represented by their most distinguished players, thereby conveying their identity through the fervent practice of football. The Copa Jalisco furnishes the opportunity to transcend geographical confines, yielding a positive impact on the societal sphere. The central objective of this tournament is to propagate sportsmanship and community building in Jalisco, employing the passion for football as a conduit for transmitting the distinct identity of each municipality. This initiative also strives to radiate a positive influence within its social milieu.

Within the ambit of this expansive tournament, our focus is directed towards the performance of Puerto Vallarta's team, which furthermore ranks among the teams with the highest prospects of clinching the Copa title. In the inaugural match, Puerto Vallarta faced off against Acatlán de Juárez and emerged triumphant. Subsequently, the Puerto Vallarta team encountered La Barca and once again secured victory. These outcomes propelled them into the semifinals, where they contested against Tomatlán. At this juncture, Puerto Vallarta maintains a 4-point lead over Tomatlán, implying that even in the event of a tie, Puerto Vallarta would be declared the winner. Moreover, Tomatlán would need to net more than 4 goals to surpass Puerto Vallarta's favorable goal difference.

The enthralling final could potentially see Tlajomulco de Zúñiga or Chapala as the opposing teams.

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