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The Magical Italian Restaurant Offers a Great Gift for Puerto Vallarta

El Borrego B is a family-owned Mexican homemade style, or estilo casero, restaurant and was started by one man. Reynaldo Holguín Ortega.

Chef Betty Vázquez, the Riviera Nayarit’s Culinary Ambassador, is ending the year on a happy note and is ready to take on new challenges.

Riviera Nayarit’s lush landscape, eco-conscious resorts and beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches set the table for a first rate foodie adventure.

Within the framework of the International Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta .

At the spectacular Tierra Luna at Garza Blanca hotel.

New restrictions announced due to increase in covid patients

For the 30th anniversary July will have sophisticated dishes based on mushrooms and very special house cocktails.

No Way José! Restaurant/Bar welcomes you to La Zona Romantica on the south side of Puerto Vallarta at 5 de Febrero 260, just over the Vallarta street bridge on your left-hand-side heading south from the Malecon.  Open Tuesday - Sunday, 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  



Puerto Vallarta - México:  With open arms - from afar.  With smiling faces - under our masks.  With all your NWJ! favorites returning for you to enjoy - in safe distances.


No Way José! returns to share our award-winning menu with our family of friends as we open our doors for Season 12 on Tuesday, October 27.


Join us on this night and enjoy the sexy sounds of Piel Canela and the classic NWJ! fiesta energy.


Open Tuesday through Sunday, 5pm to 11pm. Closed Mondays until December. *Reservations please*.  We are operating observing government guidelines of 50% capacity on the Terrace so please reserve your space early using the webpage link below.


Put these 3 dates on your calendar!

- Tuesday, October 27 - We open our doors to Season 12!

- Saturday, October 31 - Annual Halloween Costume Contest - No purchase necessary - We take your photo - Upload to FB - the most LIKES wins a dinner for 2.

- Sunday, November 1 - Annual Catrina Costume Contest - join us for dinner and enjoy the sexy Piel Canela PV by Fernando Gonzalez. The Catrin & Catrina receiving the loudest applause by our family of friends wins a dinner for 2.

We're observing all COVID requirements, so space is limited. Make your reservations early and don't miss safely-distanced fun, delicious food & drink, sexy music, and the joy of being alive. Love Never Dies at No Way José!.


photo taken last year

Fine Dining

I would like to introduce to you my new friend, Chef Memo Wulff, whom I met during the live stream concert event at Cacao Magico. Memo was serving guests with his own label raicilla and mixed us up some delicious fruity drinks.

A Culinary Treasure of Coastal Areas like Puerto Vallarta.

The Taco Tavern in Pitillal.

This Saturday, April 6th, the Second Edition of "The Grill Kings Grill Festival 2024"

From Sinaloa to Jalisco, a dish for the world.

Pizza: a taste for the classic or innovative palate.

An Encounter with Traditional Gastronomy

Ah! Flamenco! This cross-cultural art form that combines the various traditions of music, dance and cuisine of southern Spain arrives to Tu Casa en Vallarta. Join No Way José! in welcoming internationally-renowned Guest Chef, Eduardo Fernandez Perez, as he creates a Flamenco culinary experience and we premiere his enhanced presentations of No Way José! classic menu items.

Real Japanese sushi is now close to you in Puerto Vallarta

Get Ready to Live the Experience of a Latin Fiesta!

In the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Electronic Game Show, better known as EGS, the largest video game event in Mexico, ended its first edition in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, working side by side with Ricolino, Digital Creative City (CCD, acronym in Spanish), and Los 40 Principales, offering visitors the best entertainment experience available.

Flavor takes center stage.

Indulge in Culinary Delights and Live Music at Marina Puerto Vallarta's Brando's Bar

Especially on the Malecón and the Romantic Zone. This weekend after the opening of the bars and clubs in Puerto Vallarta, a great number of tourists were registered on the Malecón and the Romantic Zone.

The iconic Mexican beverage is now part of the EU’s Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) list.

It is said that one drinks to forget but with its line of artisanal beers a Mexican microbrewery aims to help people remember and mock the politicians who mocked them first.

Before you even think about licking your hand, sprinkling some salt and downing a shot of tequila, there is something you need to know: that’s not how you’re supposed to drink tequila.

“Rural space dedicated to promoting the culture, cultivation, and learning of Cocoa in an interactive way”

Do you like donuts? Well, even if you think that you don’t you have to try Meper Donaz. Many donuts are sickeningly sweet, and un-edible, but these donuts are different. The taste is light and lovely, and the cause is even better.

Cacao pod to chocolate bar

My recent discovery and curious interest of Ruby Chocolate has led me back to Cacao Magico for their Cacao Bean to Chocolate Bar Experience, a fun and interactive presentation.

Ruby chocolate, often called the fourth chocolate, is a chocolate confection that is pastel pink in color with a unique fruity flavor.

The recently announced program "Discovering Nebulosa Project," to be held in San Sebastian del Oeste, is a program including a series of dinners with the 50 best national and international chefs.

For World Malbec Day in Mozzamare, taste different flavors and aromas of the most select wines. 

Growing up in a restaurant family in Caracas, Jean Franconero was a natural in his family kitchen where from childhood he prepared arepas and meals for his younger siblings. It was this experience that secured a foundation for his love of cooking.

This week's Magic Market and Festival was, once again, amazing. We had the same interesting performances as last time and had The Gecko Band play classical American Rock N Rol until 10 PM.

Would you like a sugar-free way of adding a bit of sweetness to life, with fresh-grown ingredients? Try some 20-20 juices!

The Magic Market and Festival is a farmers market with varied foods, crafts, jewelry, clothing, and entertainment.

Gastronomic, handicraft and cultural showcase in Lazaro Cardenas Park.

Remains open

The trees are loaded with mangoes this year, and although still green, people are already coming up with long sticks and beating the mangoes out of the trees.

Aguachile is a very popular dish in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico in general. Because of its fresh flavor it is preferred in the tropical areas of the country. Today I will tell you about the origin of Aguachile and how to make one of my personal favorites, Aquachile De Mango.

The "False Guacamole" story, this recipe emerged during an avocado crisis in México about 4 or 5 years ago.

Mexico's fragrant, delicious "ponche navideño" Christmas punch, served hot.

capirotadafrontFor those observing Lent, this is a time to reflect, a time for penance and sacrifice, and the preparation for the Easter holiday.

guacamolefrontWe don’t mess around when it comes to guacamole.

The Magical Italian Restaurant Offers a Great Gift for Puerto Vallarta

A Culinary Treasure of Coastal Areas like Puerto Vallarta.

The Taco Tavern in Pitillal.

This Saturday, April 6th, the Second Edition of "The Grill Kings Grill Festival 2024"

From Sinaloa to Jalisco, a dish for the world.

Pizza: a taste for the classic or innovative palate.