New Ixtlan Market Design among the Best Ones in the World

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Modern Spanish Market will serve as a model for the one that will be built in Nayarit.


Governor Roberto Sandoval Castañeda took advantage of his short visit in Spain to visit Madrid Commercial Zone, and take a glimpse to San Miguel Market, which will serve as model for the reconstruction of Ixtlan del Rio’s current market. Sandoval Castañeda pledged to modernize and reconstruct Rey Nayar Market, and he has been working hard on it.

Last Friday, Sandoval Castañeda, Ixtlan Meyer Jose Alvarado and Gustavo Gonzalez - representing Rey Nayar Market- walked around the Spanish Market and exchanged points of view on how to build a similar one in Ixtlan.

Rey Nayar Market is projected to have two levels -based on the Spanish model – As patrons arrive, they will have the choice to go up or to go down three meters to get in, which give each tenant equal opportunities to attend to their clients. The investment for this project is of 15 million pesos, a little over one million US dollars.

San Miguel Market is located at Plaza San Miguel, next to Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. It is a private market; and what makes it special is the fact that it conserves its original iron structure from the start of the XX century.

At the end of his visit to San Miguel Market, the Governor instructed his people to accelerate the project and start working on the blue prints for Nayarits to see, as soon as possible, the plans of what will be the best town market in Mexico, for its design as well as for its functionality.

It is worth mentioning that they are a total of 26 town markets in Nayarit.