Competencia Preparing "Gourmet Chefs" Organization.

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Flavorful Competition for Puerto Vallarta.

On August 4th at 12:00 pm, the competition will begin. An event that aims to celebrate culinary creativity and highlight local products from the Emiliano Zapata Market in Puerto Vallarta through a competition among "gourmet chefs." The event seeks to promote local gastronomy and provide an exciting experience for both participants and spectators.

During the event, the chefs will have a maximum of 40 minutes to prepare their dish. They will only be allowed to use ingredients provided by the vendors at the Emiliano Zapata Market. The event challenges the chefs to showcase their talent in an environment filled with culture and tradition. Close collaboration with the vendors at the Emiliano Zapata Market will be ensured to promote the chefs and feature fresh and high-quality ingredients.

The competition will serve as a platform to showcase the culinary richness of our Puerto Vallarta. We will highlight authentic flavors and local ingredients, showcasing Puerto Vallarta's gastronomic diversity to the world.

Participating chefs will have the opportunity to showcase their talent to a broad audience passionate about gastronomy. The competition aims to attract cooking enthusiasts, culinary critics, and media, providing an ideal platform for gaining recognition and visibility. Each participant will have a video shoot and a promotional commercial, aiming to highlight their culinary skills and showcase what makes their proposal unique in the market.

The preparation time will be 40 minutes, and the event will take place in the central courtyard of the Emiliano Zapata Market. There will be a red carpet and a welcoming space for each chef, as well as tastings and promotions such as tequila, wine tastings, and offers from well-known restaurants. For more information, please call 3221836201.