Crocodile Attacks Again

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But this time it was in the Marina

Due to irresponsibility this act caused an impact in the Vallarta community. Due to the carelessness of the owner, who was walking her dog along the Marina in Vallarta, the dog approached its prey, and without being able to do anything for it, it only saw it die in the crocodile's claws. This has once again caused the attention of hundreds of people, especially people who walk their pets around the Marina and without a leash, since the law states that they must bring their pets on a leash, so the owner assumed her fault, as stated by the law; the owner accepted that it was her irresponsibility, since there are warnings that there are crocodiles, and one must walk with caution, something she omitted. This fact has called a lot of attention, since this is someone who knows Puerto Vallarta perfectly well, as she was born here.

Therefore, Ariadne Diaz, from Vallarta and famous actress of TV soap operas, regretted what happened, but acknowledged the fact of not having used a leash on her pet, so if this actress had walked her dog on a leash as required by law, this accident would have been avoided. Puerto Vallarta has a regulation for the "Responsible Keeping of Domestic and Companion Animals", in Article 7, Third Section it mentions that all companion animals that go out on public roads must be accompanied by their owner and with a leash and identification tag. Unfortunately this was not the case, so at the beginning the owner was upset, as it has happened to all those who have lost their dog, but in the end she understood that she had made a mistake by bringing her dog loose knowing that she is originally from here. Wildlife specialist Armando Rubio, explained that this situation arose especially because people do not follow the regulations and also pointed out that there have already been 48 cases of this same situation. Unfortunately, the dog was passed on the public road, went to the sea, and returning home a crocodile caught her and killed her.

crocodile ate dog