Sanctions For Electoral Crimes In Puerto Vallarta

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Ensuring the Legitimacy of the Upcoming Electoral Process

Understanding the sanctions for electoral crimes in Puerto Vallarta is essential to guarantee the transparency and legitimacy of the democratic process. These crimes, which include everything from vote buying to manipulating election results, can distort the will of the electorate and undermine trust in democratic institutions. By being informed about the sanctions, citizens can identify and report irregularities, contributing to a cleaner and fairer electoral environment. Additionally, knowledge of the sanctions deters the commission of these crimes. Political actors and their supporters, aware of the legal and penal consequences, may be less inclined to engage in illicit practices. This not only protects the integrity of the electoral process but also promotes a culture of respect for the law and democratic values. The sanctions act as a preventive mechanism, ensuring that elections faithfully reflect the popular will.

According to the General Law on Electoral Crimes, let’s recall the following procedure for any electoral crime:

Art 7. A fine of fifty to one hundred days and imprisonment of six months to three years will be imposed on anyone who obstructs the normal development of voting.

Initiate Investigation Folder. Verify that the Homologated Police Report (IPH) contains the detailed facts: (Day, place, time), (Duration of voting suspension), location of the polling station, and type of polling station. District, electoral section, time of arrest, and time of handover.

Inform the initiation of the Investigation Folder to the Specialized Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes (FISEL).

Collect interviews with the apprehending officers.

Involve the Federal Ministerial Police.

Involve Forensic Services.

Request from the National Electoral Institute (INE): Copies of the Polling Station Board, Appointment Copies, Copies of the District Council Session, and Copies of the Incident Report.

Collect interviews with the members of the Polling Station Board.

Collect interviews with the representatives of the Political Parties before the Polling Station Board.

On the other hand, transparency in the application of sanctions for electoral crimes strengthens citizen trust in electoral and judicial authorities. When the population perceives that laws are applied fairly and equitably, regardless of the position or influence of those involved, credibility in the electoral system increases. This trust is essential for political and social stability, as a system perceived as fair and equitable fosters civic participation and citizen commitment to democratic processes. Being informed about sanctions for electoral crimes also has an important educational component. Spreading information on these issues helps create a more aware and active citizenry that understands its rights and duties in the electoral context. This can lead to greater participation in political life and increased scrutiny of the actions of politicians and parties, promoting an environment where corruption and abuses of power are less tolerated and more easily detected and sanctioned.

The responsibility to ensure compliance with the law regarding this electoral process in Puerto Vallarta lies with all Vallartans.