Protest Outside The District Board Of The Iepc Jalisco Puerto Vallarta.

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The Coalition "Juntos Haremos Historia" Demands a Recount of Votes.

A very intriguing delay in the opening of Jalisco's preliminary electoral results program, which was supposed to start tallying records from 8:00 PM on Sunday, June 2, 2024, but only began to do so two hours later at 10:00 PM, coupled with a very noticeable slowness in the collection of data available to citizens, has created a climate of suspicion regarding the actions of the Jalisco Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (IEPC), led by Paula Ramírez.

After the polls closed, Jesús Pablo Lemus Navarro, the Citizen Movement candidate, claimed to have a lead of at least 20 points over Claudia Delgadillo González of the Morena coalition, PT, Green Party, Hagamos, and Futuro, the latter two being state parties. Claudia Delgadillo, on the other hand, argued that she had won the contest with a lead of at least 16%.

In the early hours of Monday, June 3, 2024, the Jalisco Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (IEPC) released a very delayed quick count attributing a victory to Lemus Navarro with a range between 42.5% and 45.1% of the votes, compared to two percentage ranges from 36% to 36.4% and from 36.4% to 39.4%, attributed to candidate Delgadillo González. Following the release of the quick count, Claudia Delgadillo issued a statement rejecting the results, explaining that the quick count should have been conducted with a sample of 500 polling stations. However, the Jalisco Electoral Institute only considered 347 records, leading the Institute's president to declare the Citizen Movement candidate as the winner. Claudia Delgadillo stated that this process was incomplete and lacked reliability, thus rejecting the results of that quick count.

The morenista coalition candidate also questioned the decision of Jalisco's Citizen Movement governor, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, who declared the gubernatorial victory of Pablo Lemus Navarro, the candidate from his party, without being a competent electoral authority. Claudia Delgadillo criticized the lack of truthful information supporting that declaration and reiterated that such an action was not the governor's responsibility.

The preliminary electoral results program in Jalisco has progressed at a snail's pace, but as of this morning, none of its updates show a wide and consistent lead that corroborates the quick count results. By 24 hours on Sunday, June 2, 2024, the PREP Jalisco had only counted 2.92% of the records statewide and attributed a lead of 3.47% to Pablo Lemus. In other words, there was a two-hour delay and a meager registration in a PREP Jalisco that seemed insufficient, inefficient, and to many, manipulated from the beginning.

This morning at 8 AM, the entire "Juntos Haremos Historia" coalition organized a protest outside the District Board of the IEPC to raise their voices and demand a vote-by-vote and polling station-by-polling station recount from the institution in charge of the elections in Jalisco. We hope for a prompt resolution to celebrate democracy and the legitimacy of the 2024 electoral process together.