Beer And Tequila Put Mexico's Name On The Map

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The most exported products in the world

Beer is the most exported Mexican agri-food product, reaching 130 countries, according to a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture, which highlights that Mexico has positioned itself as the seventh largest exporter of agri-food, fishery and aquaculture products in the world.

As of September of this year, 3,142 million liters of beer had been sold and among the main destinations are the United States, Australia, Canada and South Africa, according to the agency. In second place was Tequila, with sales of 177 million liters as of last August. Tequila reaches distant destinations such as New Zealand, Kenya, the Philippines, the British Virgin Islands and even exotic markets such as Qatar and Iraq.

In addition to traditional markets such as the United States, Canada and the European Union. Mexico exports agrifoods to 42 countries in Africa, including Algeria, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Cameroon, which mainly buy wheat, malt preparations, chickpeas, white corn and beer, said Agriculture. Mexican Agroproducts also reach 23 countries in Asia, such as Japan, China, Pakistan, South Korea, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among the main export products are pork, beef, avocado, animal feed and lobsters. In addition, Mexico sells to 8 countries in Oceania, including Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Fiji Islands and French Polynesia, which consume beer, tequila, dates, malt preparations and bananas. According to the agency, Mexico's exports are favored because the country enjoys a sanitary status of the highest level, which is internationally recognized.