Businessmen Warn The Population Regarding Plan B

Business News
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If approved, the Vallarta community will be affected.

Representatives of the private initiative in Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas went to the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk to place an informative module tent next to the lighthouse to inform the population of what they consider to be the possible consequences of the approval of Plan B of the electoral reform.

"This movement is really a product of what is happening yesterday and today in the Senate of the Republic, the reality is that the way they are behaving is another fast track in which they are deceiving the population, we are seeing that in the commissions where the proposal has been taken, without a quorum, they are taking it out in positive, without summoning the members of the commissions, then everything indicates that they are going to do it this way, and since this proposal is outside of the constitutional framework in the sense that it will reach a majority, because it is not in constitutional rank with a simple majority, then everything indicates that they are going to vote it tomorrow (today), because 24 hours are needed in the Senate of the Republic, and by making it effective we still have the resource of civil society that has to go to court for being illegal, and we hope that the court will agree with the organized civil society".

Businessmen call to continue fighting because it is not possible to return the country to a hegemonic party, and they put as an example the dictators in history.
INE cannot be eliminated.


It was also informed that there will be more informative actions in the streets.

Young people will be invited to participate, as they represent a very important segment for the future of Mexico.