Government Of Quebec Makes Large Purchase Of Tequila

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The new purchase is for 19 thousand liters of tequila from the state of Jalisco.

A new purchase order for 19,719 liters of Jalisco tequila was successfully concluded with the government of the Canadian province of Quebec, which will be delivered in the next 6 months and is equivalent to 15 million 775,200 pesos.

This was derived from the promotional work of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO) through the General Directorate of Foreign Trade and the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (CNIT).

The work is aimed at positioning tequila in the Canadian market, which has registered a rapid movement of the product in stores and points of sale.

With the entry of the 13 new brands into the stores of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), the corporation responsible for the spirits trade in the province of Québec, the aim is to meet demand.

Therefore, the Canadian government has committed to buy back 25 thousand liters every 6 months, that is, 50 thousand liters per year, which would generate an economic benefit of 40 million pesos per year.

For the Secretary of Economic Development, Roberto Arechederra, the work done prior to the visit to Canada was very important.

He pointed out that these actions boost exports and strengthen our state's economy, foreign trade being a mechanism for economic development.

"The effort and the boost to exports are part of the internationalization strategy that the Secretariat of Economic Development has and that of course the Governor has entrusted to us as part of the actions of the State Government."

He also emphasized that the results of the tour sow the possibility of being able to do many more things in the future.

During the trade mission, meetings were held with 15 specialized economic actors; more than 52 business appointments were made and a specialized masterclass was held with 70 opinion leaders, bartenders and mixologists.

The 13 tequila companies will have their products available in SAQ stores in Québec for the remainder of 2022.

They also participated in the Formula 1 Grand Prix, in the Ephemeral Bar, where they were able to place 1,200 liters of tequila for sale, that is, 400 liters more than the agreed amount, reaching $960 thousand pesos in economic revenue.