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87 companies received the Distinctive in Jalisco

A total of 87 companies received the Jalisco Responsible Distinction for good labor practices by complying with around 45 official standards defined in the Federal Labor Law, which prioritize occupational safety, health and hygiene.

"What we did was to review compliance with the official Mexican standards in relation to the business lines you work in, and of course to review the labor documentation, from your collective bargaining agreement, individual contracts, how you distribute profits, how you distribute your Christmas bonus," explained Marco Valerio Pérez Gollaz, Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare in Jalisco.

He pointed out that the priority in the delivery of the award is to put the human being at the center "people, the workforce, which is what makes a company grow in the world today...a month ago we went with the Governor on a tour to the United States and California with companies such as Google, Intel, Oracle, Flex, Jabil, HP and we saw the global phenomenon that we are experiencing of the lack of workforce that exists in the world".

Carlos Landeros Romero, vice-coordinator of Industriales de Jalisco, said that "Certainty is also certainty in promoting the productivity of companies, thus contributing to greater economic development and for Jalisco to have the best working conditions for employees nationwide, through the joint efforts of the government and private initiative, so from Industriales Jalisco we promote compliance with the requirements established by the authorities to ensure legality and formality in the workplace.

Pedro Javier Luna Rodríguez, representative of the Association of Public Accountants of Jalisco, spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries, highlighting the work involved in complying with the standards, "we recognize that it was not easy to comply with the established requirements, not because we were against the standards, but simply because somehow we did not have the processes documented and we were forced to do so in order to comply with the standards".

For his part, Americo Gerardo Salinas Leal, representative of Power Depot, also speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, said that "We are proud to be an example of compliance with the labor standards, but our commitment, more than providing services, is to give the value it deserves to the most important part of the plant which is the people, there is nothing more valuable than those who make up our workforce, we owe them because they are the ones who daily fulfill their workday and thanks to that today we are consolidated".

So far in this administration, around 200 Distinctive Marks have been awarded to an equal number of companies and businesses in Jalisco, which are valid for three calendar years