Customers Assaulted At ATMS

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ATM assaults reported at banks in the city

While performing cash transactions at bank ATMs, customers reported that they have been cheated by criminals who abuse the trust of those who come to perform transactions at these ATMs when the bank is closed.
Foreigners have been assaulted when they went to withdraw cash from their cards and were surprised by the assailants who regularly operate with an accomplice.

They reported a situation where a foreigner who was going to place his card in an ATM to make a cash withdrawal, in one of the ATMs located on Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, where a customer was robbed of his card, at the moment of inserting it and the assailant fled taking the American tourist’s card, in the presence of a line of people who were waiting their turn, to make cash withdrawals at the bank.

At the beginning of the first stay, the line of people did not understand what was happening because they thought she was accompanied by a person, but when they saw that the assailant ran away taking the tourist’s card and boarding a car, which was already waiting for him outside when he fled, the tourist fell into tears and despair when she shouted ‘ please don’t do that to me, please don’t do that to me, give me my credit card back, and fell into tears, then they realized that they had witnessed an assault, the woman called for help, but the assailant had already fled taking the customer’s card, unable to do anything to help him.