Hotel Occupancy Rises To 95 Percent

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The long weekend attracted a large number of tourists.

It was a great long weekend with an average hotel occupancy rate close to 95 percent, thanks to the arrival of a large number of national and international tourists.

Christian Preciado Cazares, Director of Tourism and Economic Development of Puerto Vallarta, made it known that what happened this weekend is part of the trends that according to data from the federal Ministry of Tourism, had been achieved throughout the week and that between Monday and Wednesday occupancy remained between 80 and 82.3 percent, increasing significantly for Thursday with 92.4 percent, which shows that since that date the first visitors began to arrive in our city.

“We continue to be the number one destination nationally with a hotel occupancy of 88.6 percent, followed by Los Cabos with 88.2, and Cancun with 83.5. This trend continues to be maintained in Puerto Vallarta and we are working to keep occupancy at the highest levels of the destination.

The official pointed out that the large number of visitors was evident during these days off, since in tours conducted by the agency, restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, among other establishments, were observed at their peak during these dates, which undoubtedly represents a valuable economic benefit for the city and an important preamble to what will be experienced during the upcoming Holy Week and Easter vacations.

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