Linear Park: Full Of Life!

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A recreational space for the whole family.

Despite the controversies and challenges this public space along the Pitillal River has faced, it has now become one of the primary attractions for Vallarta families and all newcomers to the local community. Puerto Vallarta has managed to maintain an area for recreation, fostering creativity, sporting development, and, undoubtedly, a space steeped in culture.

Its proximity to the Pitillal River adds a bohemian touch, something every artist uses to seek inspiration for the finest thoughts and ideas, turning poetry into a morning filled with singing birds and glimpses of a brighter destiny. It's a connection with nature that is best experienced by walking outdoors, empathizing with more sensitive beings who revel in the beauty of this linear park.

One of its greatest features is the assurance of safety, as it is constantly monitored by municipal police, patrolling every five minutes to protect walkers and bohemian artists who utilize every space to create art. Dancers, singers, acrobats, circus performers, climbers, runners, cyclists, and more flock here to spend their time in this wonderful space.

It has become customary for groups of women to frequent this promenade, practicing Zumba and rehearsing choreographies for events. There's always something to see during a stroll, and many people use the space to exercise and enhance their physical well-being. Along the path, covered benches offer a spot to catch your breath, or if preferred, visitors can ascend the tower located in the middle of the park to capture marvelous photos of the city.

The park lies between Francisco Villa Avenue and Grandes Lagos de Fluvial, precisely alongside the current of the Pitillal River. Every 15 days, an event called "Rivera Market PV" takes place here, featuring cultural displays, art performances, and an extensive sale and exhibition of very appealing products, occurring every other Saturday.

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