High Swell Continues At Sea

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They recommend taking precautions to avoid accidents

Authorities of Civil Protection ask the population to take precautions for the following days, as they anticipate strong waves on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, as a result of the passing of the storms that have been registered in the state of California.

The beach that has registered the highest swell is shrimp beach, originated by the strong currents that form in that part of the beach, which is not advisable to enter the sea, since it can be very dangerous and for this reason the authorities informed that for this reason the red flag was installed, which means closed beach, not suitable for swimming.

The rest of the beaches are with yellow flag, which is indicative of caution if you intend to enter the sea, while the red flag indicates that the beach is closed.

In this regard, meteorologist Cornejo López in his weather report said that "the swell continues to be somewhat choppy, but it will be more agitated in the coming days, we will have to be attentive".

The strong swell that occurred last weekend in the bay was due to the effects of the "bomb cyclone" that affected the western United States, specifically in California, which still suffers from storms and it is expected that a new potential extra temporary cyclone will hit again this U.S. entity.

Due to the bad weather that persists, weather conditions are being monitored in order to establish the necessary preventive measures.

Likewise, he called on swimmers to heed the indications of lifeguards, as well as the preventive notices and warnings about possible risks and swell conditions, among others.