Jalisco Police Athletes Recognized

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They were recognized for their outstanding participation in the Latin American Games.

Fifteen police officers from the State Security Secretariat were recognized for their outstanding participation in the Latin American Police and Firemen Games, held in the city of Leon, Guanajuato.

Seven of the officers, three of them from the State Police and the rest from the Road Police Station, won fourteen gold, silver and bronze medals in the disciplines of athletics, boxing, swimming and taekwondo.

The Secretary of State Security, Juan Bosco Agustín Pacheco Medrano, highlighted the importance of sports for the police activity, since it not only offers better physical conditions for the officers, but also allows them to develop their discipline skills.

"Sport is so noble and so loyal that it is responsible for smoothing out all kinds of problems, since we all have the same opportunities, there are some who have more capabilities, but tenacity always, within the sporting activity, leads to even things out. I truly congratulate you, as I know that behind these results you have, there is a lot of effort of many years.

The General Director of the State Council for Sports Promotion (CODE), Luis Fernando Ortega Ramos, also participated in the awards ceremony, congratulating the police athletes and ratifying the support that Jalisco's uniformed officers have to continue improving their physical conditions through sports.

"Many of the public health problems we are experiencing are linked to sedentary lifestyles, a large number of the diseases that are present in our population today are related to the lack of physical activity and the practice of sports," said Ortega Ramos.

Likewise, the head of state sports emphasized that the police officers of Jalisco have a great commitment for the following year, since Guadalajara will repeat as host of the Latin American Police and Firefighters Games, for which he invited the operative personnel of the State Security Secretariat, as well as other corporations to continue preparing for the new challenge.

On behalf of the police officers who participated in Leon, the police officer Jessica Sofia Avila took the floor and after thanking the support received said that "I know I speak for all my colleagues who are present here when I say that each one of us put our best effort to respond with a medal to the trust we received to represent our state in this sporting event.

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