Elimination Of Measures Against Coronavirus

General Health
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They will no longer be mandatory in the state

Given the notable decrease in active cases of Covid-19 and the low positivity that has been maintained in the last four weeks, together with the percentage of vaccines applied to date, the Ministry of Health of Jalisco (SSJ) informed that preventive health measures against this disease are no longer mandatory throughout the state, including the use of masks.

The application of this decision includes the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, where only 10 new infections of coronavirus have been reported so far this October, in addition to zero deaths due to the disease.

The governmental decree that repeals the mandatory nature of the sanitary measures was published last October 13 in the Official Gazette of the State of Jalisco, and came into effect on the same day.

It should be recalled that the repealed decree had been in effect until October 31, which stipulated the mandatory use of masks in public transportation, health units (doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories), air, land and sea terminals; however, this decree was abrogated.


Nevertheless, the Jalisco Ministry of Health continues recommending the population to continue with the basic care during the current winter season (October 2022 to March 2023) which are: frequent hand washing with soap and water; application of alcohol gel and the practice of respiratory etiquette: covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing with a disposable handkerchief or the inner corner of the arm.

It also recommends the optional use of masks in closed spaces without ventilation or in places with a large concentration of people, since covering the nose and mouth properly is useful to prevent respiratory infections during this winter season, especially when there is a large crowd of people in places with poor ventilation.

Finally, Salud Jalisco calls on people with symptoms to use masks and go to their doctor and again urges the population over 18 years of age to get vaccinated against Covid-19 if they have not already done so and to apply pediatric doses to children between five and eleven years of age.
There are more than 70 health centers in the interior of the state and 27 in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area that have the vaccine.