In Jalisco, More Attention Is Given To Children With Cancer

General Health
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SSAS will provide medical services for this disease.

Universal coverage and comprehensive care for children with childhood cancer in Jalisco will be provided in conjunction with the participation of the public and private sectors as well as organized civil society.

They guarantee the supply of oncological medicines, integral attention, rehabilitation of the 7th and 8th floors of the civil hospital "Juan L. Menchaca", where the Integral Center for Children's Attention (CIAI) will operate.

The Secretary of the Social Assistance System (SSAS) was in charge of diagnosing the needs of the families and at the end of the year, 216 children and adolescents were assisted, 1,273 food pantries were distributed and a total of 3 million 440 thousand pesos were distributed to 172 families to provide them with 20 thousand pesos to cover their most urgent needs, mainly for housing and food.

The associations that work in coordination with the SSAS to assist this population group are: Galilea 2000 and Centro de Apoyo Niños con Cáncer, among others.

It is worth mentioning that this support that has been given to these patients and their families has been of great help for these patients to be able to continue with their treatments.

The medical service has greatly improved the standard of living of these children, by giving them a better life expectancy or providing them with a better level and quality of life.

SSAS will provide the supply and medical services for this disease, with the benefit of universal coverage.