State Health Department Of Jalisco Introduces New Public Policies

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Discussion on Dengue for Puerto Vallarta

The State Health Department of Jalisco unveiled new public policies, with a focus on addressing the issue of Dengue in Puerto Vallarta. Emphasizing the need for regional and statewide coordination and communication, a meeting took place between the Health Municipality Network for the North Coast Region and the State Health Department of Jalisco. The gathering was hosted at the La Lija Sports Unit in Puerto Vallarta.

The Secretary of Health affirmed that throughout the North Coast Region, including Puerto Vallarta, Childhood Cancer and Diabetes will be prioritized by all healthcare centers in Jalisco. Not only are infectious diseases like Dengue a priority for Jalisco, but also chronic degenerative illnesses are an area of concern, urging prompt detection and attention.

The state's Dengue situation was presented, indicating that as of epidemiological week 33, 67 cases have been reported, with 5 of them in the North Coast Region. This number is significantly lower than in previous years, as there were dozens of cases by this time. While discussing the national landscape and expressing concerns over the rising number of cases in the Yucatan Peninsula and Quintana Roo, which have already surpassed 4,000 cases in 2023, a call was made for collaboration and support among municipalities in addressing Dengue and promoting the new public health policies. Among the agreements reached by the institutions, it was stipulated that they would identify, refer, and provide care for children and adolescents with Childhood Cancer and Type 1 Diabetes, while maintaining coordination in various healthcare initiatives.

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