Importance Of Keeping The Chrakas In Balance

Mental Health
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In our bodies we have beneficial energy centers known as chakras. Chakras represent the union of our body and consciousness. This allows our physical, mental, emotional and our spiritual bodies come together. 

The term chakra in Sanskrit means “Wheel or disc”, are energetic centers that revolve around the spiritual field and the human body, being at the same time centers of activity of vital energy and subtle centers of consciousness. They are closely related to personal evolution, physical body and the aura or electromagnetic field. 

For our body to function properly it is necessary that all chakras are in balance. If any energy center is blocked and remains so for an extended period of time may and cause illness. That is why it is said that to have a healthy physical body, our energy body has to be in balance. Through the chakras energy reaches all organs. 

These Chakra energy centers of which there are seven are found along the spine. Each chakra has a specific function in the body, consciousness and in our energy field. The first one is the root chakra, the second sacred, the third solar plexus, the fourth heart, fifth throat, sixth third eye and the seventh crown. 

When these energy centers are blocked or not working properly, the energy to our body stops flowing, stagnates or ultimately “blocks” for different situations. That is the moment when we begin to have problems in our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies.  

Each chakra has a specific function and it can be blocked with our negative thoughts, emotions, anxiety, depression, stress or by our lifestyle. For example when we can’t sleep or we have insomnia it can blocked our vital energy. 

Balance is the key to keeping the 7 chakras in perfect harmony. Each chakra has a specific energy and purpose that should be in perfect equilibrium. This energy flows up and down through the spine. If you have problems or pain in your back or spine, that’s the  bodie is talking to you. Remember that all the physical pain comes from mental, emotional or energetic blocks. 

The benefits of keeping chakras clean are: provide mental clarity, greater energy flow, they are receivers of the highest quality of energy from Universe and they distribute this energy to the entire body. We can relax easier and have a better quality of sleep. When our vital energy is constant, we are more intuitive, they regulate our health, increases the ability to concentrate, better mood and increase our evolution and our connection with the cosmos. 

There are different techniques that can help you keep your chakras in balance. By being aligned you can increase your energy level and therefore increase with your consciousness and your spiritual connection. Some Alignment methods are: Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, AquaChi (aquatic Therapy), Reiky and Magnified healing (energy therapies). This will help you to maintain the balance of energy allowing it to flow freely throughout your body. It also opens the door to achieve harmony and personal evolution. So you can be a person full of light, love and a lot of positive energy.   

I hope this has been enlightening and I am available for questions through the link. Feel the power of self-empowerment and the “lightness of being”. Maintain your chakras in balance and enjoy a beautiful life.