Concert For Day Of The Dead With The Vallarta Symphony And The Vallarta And Bucerías Choirs.

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Music, the alchemy of life.

Music has been a companion to death throughout all times and cultures, each with its distinct and unique features. It is honored through a variety of musical expressions, with solemn, joyful, tragic, and festive nuances, fortunately enduring through time.

All of this will be experienced in the vibrant Day of the Dead Concert that Aquiles Morales will conduct with the Vallarta Symphony, as well as the magnificent voices of the Puerto Vallarta Choir and the Bucerías Choir. They will present a significant program for orchestra and choir, showcasing the two sides of the coin: the solemnity and festivity of the occasion.

In the first case, the strength of Mozart's musical legacy is embodied in the selection of Requiems: Dies irae, Introit, and Lacrimosa. Requiems are masses for the deceased that expressed a powerful and dramatic vision of death from those eras. From the prominent and influential French composer and pianist, Faure, come the Requiems Agnus Dei and Pie Jesu. Additionally, from the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, a principal representative of Romanticism and the music of his country, we have Peer Gynt, The Death of Ase, and The Hall in the Mountain King. Furthermore, the splendid voices of Kathy Overly as a Soprano and Aldo Olivar as a tenor will undoubtedly delight the audience.

The second part of this splendid event will be enjoyed with traditional Mexican interpretations such as La Sandunga, La Llorona, and La Bruja, examples of the joy, color, and liveliness with which Mexicans celebrate it festively.

There will be only two performances: on October 2nd at the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe at 8:30 pm and on October 3rd at the Auditorium of the University Center of the Coast at 8:00 pm.

Music, weaving alchemy in minds and hearts, is the guiding thread of this concert that encourages us to love life and honor death.