A Woman Under The Skin

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Ernestina Vázquez Orozco Presents Her Novel

Today, November 28th, marks the presentation of Ernestina Vázquez Orozco's novel, "A Woman Under the Skin." This novel delves into women's empowerment, love, and a nearly pedagogical approach to raising awareness about cancer in women.

"A Woman Under the Skin" is a passionate romantic novel that touches on the subject of cancer beneath a woman's skin. Ernestina aims primarily to raise women's awareness about their own bodies. The main protagonist will face significant challenges and learn how to navigate them and whom to turn to for healing, solely through self-awareness and self-love.

The novel aims to showcase and raise public awareness that, although it focuses on a woman, in reality, every human being carries a woman beneath their skin. Therefore, it's not a feminist novel seeking to empower women but rather an educational, romantic, and passionate novel striving to make readers aware that irrespective of gender, everyone carries "A Woman Under the Skin."

Ernestina Vázquez, better known as Tina, discovered her passion for writing at a very young age, at 13, in a small town where television was scarce. It was there that she encountered a novel by Barbara Cartland that altered her social imagination and worldview. This novel captivated her and sowed the seeds of her vocation to create novels and utilize this medium to inform and spread awareness about essential societal issues, as is the case with "A Woman Under the Skin."

We invite you to the grand presentation of this beautiful novel today, November 28th, at 6 PM at the Los Mangos Library. Come and connect with the Vallarta-based writers.

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