Alma Danza: Movement Meditation

Art and Music
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In-Person Dance and Meditation Workshop

Casa Puerto Corazón opens its facilities to conduct an in-person workshop titled "Alma Danza," where we will dance again! This workshop will run for 4 hours, focusing on the exploration of the depths of the human experience through dynamic movement and dances from diverse cultures.

This workshop is open to individuals of all genders, including homosexuals, and anyone interested in activating their energy while learning the art of meditation through movement. It is recommended for participants to be 16 years or older to maintain focus and make the meditation experience more beneficial.

The African, Hindu, Polynesian, Waiata, and Maori Haka dances from New Zealand, Amazonian dances, Tai Chi movements, among others, serve to stimulate the kinetic controls within the human body. The therapeutic use of dance has been well-established today. However, this wasn't always the case. Many individuals involved in the arts can advocate and spread the benefits of dance and movement for mental well-being. Nevertheless, not everyone can engage in dance expression. Dance therapy, a form of psychotherapy, utilizes movement as a means to free the mind and body. Feelings and emotions emerge when one engages in action, allowing individuals to become aware of their internal experiences.

The workshop is scheduled for Sunday, December 3rd, from 10 am to 2 pm. It will be led by therapist, dancer, and artist Ananda Saisha, and will take place at Casa Creativa Puerto Corazón. The workshop fee is $600 before December 1st and $800 on the day of the workshop.

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