Models for American Clothing Brand Are Filmed in Puerto Vallarta

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These beauties will appear on magazine covers, television and social networks in the US.

Yesterday afternoon a team of cameramen and photographers from a production company filmed several shots and videos to advertise a line of dresses of an American brand in downtown and the Romantic Zone. The model wore several dresses as well as her companions, these beautiful women will undoubtedly be on the covers of magazines, television and social networks who with their beauty will undoubtedly promote the locations and beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

This port has been the stage for actresses and actors of important television series as well as movie stars of international stature, from Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Borton, to young celebrities such as Justin Beber, Luis Miguel, Julio Iglesias, and the Dallas Cowgirls, as well as the attractive models of the Paco Rabane brand who were here some time ago to record the commercials of the famous brand with different models from France, Germany, United States, Brazil, Argentina, a total of 20 models who represented their country, and of course the original model of the Paco Rabanne TV commercial who is originally from Australia to mention a few. As well as shooting scenes for Guardians of the Bay on the boardwalk, and other important TV series. The production team will be filming in different scenarios, streets and locations that will undoubtedly be known in other countries around the world. The team of approximately 20 people including photographers, cameramen, lighting assistants and models will enjoy a stay and visit several locations.