Puerto Vallarta Sunset Photo Gallery is Free to Join

Painted sky sunset reflecting across a rooftop pool in Colonia Versailles, courtesy of Exclusive Realtors

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Here in Puerto Vallarta we are so lucky to get beautiful colorful sunsets across our ocean and beaches almost every evening.

We want to see your best sunset photos from around Banderas Bay.  Whether you are on the beach, on the malecon, or up in the hills, we want your best sunset photos from every angle. Just join our Puerto Vallarta Sunset Photo Gallery, it’s free and easy!!


Colorful pink and purple sunset taken from the Puerto Vallarta Yacht Marina 

Simply post your best sunset photo to our group page, and tell us a little about the photo, including where you took it, and whether or not you would like us to include your name, first or full.  Even if you are a Vallarta Today subscriber not living in Puerto Vallarta, send us your best sunset photos anyways.  Throughout the week we will post the top pic picks into the Vallarta Today Puerto Vallarta Sunset Photo Gallery news article!!


Colorful sunset from the hills above Puerto Vallarta in Colonia Ramblases

To post a picture, first you must go into the Vallarta Today social media section by clicking on My Vallarta. If you do not have a page already take a couple minutes to set one up.  Then find Sandy Beaches under Members and send a friend request.  Once accepted, from the Sandy Beaches page click on Group.  All groups on the Sandy Beaches page will come up.  To join a group, first click on the title of the group, and the option will come up to join group.  Once you have joined, simply click Photos and the option to post a group photo comes up. Please limit your photos to one per day, and please submit same day photos.  

Happy Sunsets!