“Veronika" Art Gallery Opens In The Romantic Zone

Art and Music
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The event was attended by North Americans and Canadians

In the presence of many North American guests, the big opening of the gallery "Veronika" Fine Art Studio took place. Veronika Gallery opened its doors to the public, in an event where guests and owners gathered to perform the traditional ribbon cutting to make the official opening. The paintings that will be offered are made with watercolor technique, which is ideal for the line of work being handled. In this case the paintings are inspired by Puerto Vallarta sunsets, houses, streets and marine species such as whales and turtles. It is a pleasant combination of colors, very much in the Vallarta style that is so much liked by North American and Canadian foreigners, which is why it was a successful opening in which several pictures and paintings of the artist, a native of Puerto Vallarta, were sold.

It is worth mentioning that she has been creating paintings and art for several years, which is why the foreigners themselves encouraged her to open her gallery, since they support her art by buying paintings from her. Everyone recognizes that her technique is very much in the Vallarta style, with its characteristic of a typical Mexican village, its houses and mountains and its classic sunsets, which the public who attended liked very much.
The guests enjoyed a cocktail and wines, in addition to the background music

Thus, the gallery was inaugurated, which will feature exclusive paintings by the successful artist Veronika

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