Dance Program "Locos por la Rumba"

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Social Project for Children and Youth

With the support of the Cultural Center "La Lija," the dance school "Loco por la Rumba" presented, on the afternoon of November 19th, the COCO children's show. This multidisciplinary dance performance was based on the Walt Disney movie Coco.

The Cultural Center "La Lija" is known for its excellent spaces. It is a project that emerged from the current government's federal initiative, transforming a public square into a center for cultural and sports integration. In this space, children, young adolescents, and adults can access classes at low costs offered by the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta. It is also a place where the Ministry of Well-being and the Ministry of Education disseminate necessary information for the distribution of federal government support programs and scholarships.

On the other hand, the dance school "Locos por la Rumba," located in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood, offers various dance classes, ranging from classical ballet to salsa, cumbia, and merengue, for children aged 3 to 16.

The presentation of the COCO performance took place during the last day of the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta. With a spectacular stage and theatrical scenery, the children were able to portray their favorite characters from the movie, creating beautiful moments for their families who accompanied them.

These types of presentations contribute to the sociocultural fabric necessary for the city, allowing young people to have identity and develop a sense of belonging to their community. Furthermore, they promote culture and art in all its forms. Due to the approach of the end of the year, various ballet schools and academies are preparing for their festivals and performances that will surely attract numerous spectators.

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