Businessmen And Airport To Work In Coordination Against Sexual Abuse Of Minors

Human Interest
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In the dissemination of the Zero Tolerance campaign

With the interest of expanding the "Vías" program for the prevention of child sexual abuse in the context of tourism, representatives of business organizations and associations of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay met with the director of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, Mr. Cryshtian José Amador Lizardi, to present strategic actions and together establish agreements that add to the Social Agenda with a Socially Responsible Business Culture.

With the purpose of expanding the network of governance in the prevention of child sexual abuse in the context of travel and tourism and zero tolerance, an invitation was extended to join in the dissemination of the Zero Tolerance campaign and for airport personnel to participate in awareness workshops on corporate social responsibility.

Mr. Cryshtian Amador pointed out that these actions could be a way to strengthen the airport's protocol, directing certain training to personnel who are already aware of the subject and fully exercising their procedures and functions. And he affirmed "we offer to be the communication link with this community of six thousand people" who collaborate at the airport.


The business organizations and chambers reaffirmed their commitment to collaborate to expand the "Vías" program among their affiliates and thus permeate society with a value chain of common objectives.

With the exchange of proposals and experiences in the area of prevention, it was agreed that a factor of transformation and incidence is the joint work, adding wills and expertise of specialists who carry out important actions to inhibit this type of crimes against minors.

The linkage with key actors in the Puerto Vallarta - Bahía de Banderas Interstate Metropolitan Zone is one of the three strategic axes with which the "Vías" program created by the Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas Businessmen's Association (AEBBA) has advanced, and through which a collaboration network has been formed with the Organized Civil Society and government authorities in both Federal Entities and at a national level.

And with data from the Integral Observatory of the Tourist Region (OIT) of Puerto Vallarta - Bahía de Banderas, support has been given to the action plan of the "Vías" program, to which the International Airport joins in order to have an impact from the perspective of the prevention of child sexual abuse and the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents in this tourist region.

Cryshtian José Amador Lizardi, director of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport; Jorge Careaga, representing Dr. Jorge Villanueva, president of the AEBBA Businessmen's Association, were present at this first meeting of the business block and the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Also present were Georgina Rodriguez, general director AEBBA; Sandra Zepeda, coord. Research program "Vías" AEBBA-OIT; Marco Roberto Juárez, legal advisor of the "Vías" program; Juan Pablo Martínez, president of Coparmex PV; Guadalupe Bayardi, president of Amexe PV; Lorena Beltrán, president of Canacope Servytur PV; Jorge Carbajal, president of Canirac regional; Arnulfo Ortega, president of CCPVBB; Alejandro Torres, general manager of AHMPV; Carmina López, operative director AEBBA; Briana Banda, head of public relations of the airport.