Dissatisfaction With The New Tax For Cars

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There will be a protest against the tax collection measure

The Vehicle Verification Plan is a measure to protect the environment but in the process it became a tax collection measure, since Puerto Vallarta enjoys a regularly good air quality due to its proximity to both the sea and the mountains. According to the ICA (Air Quality Index) our Port has a qualification of 28 AQI which means that the air quality is very acceptable for all inhabitants.

But according to the transit regulations approved by the Jalisco State Congress, motor vehicles registered in the State of Jalisco must be subjected to verification of polluting emissions of smoke, gases, toxics and noise, which may not exceed the maximum limits. In order to perform the verification at a cost of $500 for those who pay late, the government of Jalisco has set up different Verification Centers where all Jalisco citizens must take their cars.

Cars that do not pass the verification will have to repeat and pay again, and so on for three times until finally the government must remove the car, and then it will be necessary to pay the corralón vehicular to remove it.

All these measures have caused controversy among different collectives and social activists, who have organized to protest on Friday, March 31 at 9:00 am outside the Verification Center located at Avenida Francisco Medina Ascencio #244 Col Guadalupe Victoria. The collectives will seek to block access to the facilities and protest against the measures imposed by the government of Enrique Alfaro Ramirez and the Local Congress.

Therefore, on Friday, which corresponds to the verification of cars with license plate number 3, they should take precautionary measures to avoid a bad experience. Protests in Mexico help to take less coercive measures and to reach a greater consensus. The Federal Congress has issued two legislative exhortations to reverse this collection and vehicle verification plan.

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