Man Who Robbed Bank To Escape Wife Is Given House Arrest As Punishment

Human Interest
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nowifefrontSometimes crimes are committed as the lesser of two evils.

A mother may shoplift to feed her starving children, for example. Some prisoners reoffend as they consider life on the inside to be better than life on the outside.

John Ripple, of Kansas City, US, had a different reason for committing a crime - he was sick and tired of living with his wife, so he decided to rob a bank so that he could go to prison, and no longer have to deal with her.

But, thanks to the decision of a US District Court Judge, the plan has backfired, as he'll now have to deal with her permanently. Yes, Ripple's punishment has seen him placed under house arrest.

In September last year, Ripple walked into the bank and told the cashier: "I have a gun, give me the money." He was handed nearly $3,000 (£2,350) but instead of making off with the cash he just sat in reception.

When a security guard from the Bank of Labor approached him, he stated: "I'm the man you're looking for."

An FBI agent told how Ripple had argued with his wife, who accompanied him to court, and wrote to her saying: "I'd rather be in jail than at home."

As you'd expect, he pleaded guilty in court, and could have been sentenced to 37 months in prison, but his attorney and federal prosecutors asked for leniency.

Judge Carlos Murguia agreed and sentenced Lawrence to six months of house arrest as well as three years of supervised probation, including 50 hours of community service.

There's something quite humorous in a robbery going wrong. Karma is a wonderful thing, as they say.

Earlier this year, two armed robbers tried to take on a gun shop. Straight away, it doesn't sound too wise.

Wearing ski masks and armed with guns, the pair entered Dix Gun and Pawn in Mableton, Georgia, where store owner Jimmy Groover opened fire on them.

He shot and killed one as the other fled. Groover received no charges for the two shots he landed, and it's not clear as to whether the fleeing robber was caught.

Source:LAD Bible