Army Convoys Arrive In Vallarta

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Security will be reinforced due to the end of the vacation period.

Several convoys of the Mexican Army arrived last night at the facilities of the 41st Military Zone, where they were presented to the commanders to immediately go out to tour the streets of the city before the end of the vacation period, at the beginning of the armoring protocol of the port to protect locals and tourists. The military commanders anonymously commented that this operation is carried out through surveillance in different sectors, in order to prevent criminal events and react immediately in case intervention is required. The shielding of the region was established from the entrance with a visual filter to detect suspicious vehicles and carry out preventive checks.

It should be noted that due to the different events that occurred this weekend in different parts of the city, the municipal authorities have maintained police prevention and surveillance operations in the tourist strip and the neighborhoods where preventive patrols are carried out. Elements of the Puerto Vallarta Municipal Police and Highway Patrol will continue to carry out the preventive security device, which entails actions to dissuade the commission of crimes in the neighborhoods and especially in the tourist strip on the occasion of the final vacation period of Holy Week and Easter. One of them is the operation implemented at the entrance to the beaches where filters were established to prevent the introduction of bottles or glass containers, knives or utensils that at any given time may pose a danger to others.