Buho Is Reactivated In Puerto Vallarta

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It will run at night every half hour

For those who do not know what the night owl is, it is the service provided by the public transportation route that includes the routes of Ixtapa and Pitillal.

Function of the night owl

This unit transports people who work in companies and hotels that work late at night, as well as tourists and the general public, who for some reason are late getting home.

After having

After suspending the service due to the pandemic, a few days ago this service was reactivated again, so it will meet the needs of people who for some reason, whether for work or pleasure, travel late at night because it will serve this segment.

The service began operations on November 28th , and is currently operating during this holiday season, this new transportation will run from 0:00 to 5:00 hours with two routes via Ixtapa and via Pitillal, with a frequency of 30 minutes, a cost of 20 pesos per trip, stops marked in safe areas, as well as surveillance cameras for the safety of women in the units, tracking monitoring and collection system - payment with the "Mobility Card". 

Women now travel more safely and monitored at night, without fear of being disturbed.

The Puerto Vallarta night owl route will travel through strategic points in the city, such as downtown, hotel zones, El Pitillal and Ixtapa, as well as the busy area of Emiliano Zapata.

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