Rabies Vaccination Campaign in Vallarta

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The community of Puerto Vallarta and local foreigners who live here in the Port and have pets are urged to take them to be vaccinated during this anti-rabies campaign.

In the last few weeks we have received several cases of people who have been bitten by dogs, some have been fatal; in which even the owners have not been able to remove the affected people, even destroying their skin, for this reason it is very important that they bring their dogs leashed, for which the government concerned about these situations in which several foreigners have been affected and have ended up in the hospitals of Puerto Vallarta, have been the guideline to create this vaccination campaign that concerns everyone in the care of health and avoid rabies that these animals can carry to the community. The association has implemented a strong campaign to vaccinate dogs against rabies, it is important that you go to the vaccination centers that will be installed soon to vaccinate your dogs and also to receive indications for future vaccinations. The community of Puerto Vallarta and local foreigners who live here in the port and have pets are urged to take them to be vaccinated during the campaign.

This campaign will have the objective of making the population aware of the importance of prevention. Personnel from the Secretary of Health Jalisco, assigned to the VIII Sanitary Region, in coordination with the direction of Social Development and the City Hall, gave training on this subject to municipal agents and delegates. The veterinarian Diana Cervantes, in charge of sterilizations of the Sanitary Region, explained the objective is that the agents and delegates support in this task to achieve the goal established for this year, bringing first hand information to the inhabitants of their demarcations about this vaccination campaign against rabies that will be implemented in the near future. He indicated that in addition to seeking to convey to people information about rabies and the importance of vaccinating their pets (dogs and cats), is that they themselves know how to apply the injection, so that in this way continue to train more people on this issue and convince people who are still reluctant to vaccinate their pets. Present at the training were MVZ Marcial Perez Ulloa, coordinator of Vectors and Zoonosis, and Israel Escatel, head of the District of Zoonosis and Vectors of the VIII Sanitary Region.

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