Barbacoa Tacos, A Favorite Of The Tapatios

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In the city of Guadalajara it is one of the most sold dishes

It is well known that tacos are the Mexican dish par excellence, and we can corroborate the love for them in Guadalajara, within the framework of Taco Day, which is celebrated annually on March 31. According to DiDi Food's consumer trends data, tacos al pastor are the favorite of Mexicans, positioning themselves as the most requested category nationwide, while in the city of Guadalajara, the favorite and most requested are barbacoa tacos, a classic and delicious dish!

And although it may seem that the love of tapatíos for barbacoa tacos is unrivaled, the truth is that it is always good to try other varieties of tacos. Based on data from the food delivery platform, we share with you the top 5 tacos that have managed to win the hearts of tapatíos and are positioned as the most ordered through DiDi Food by users in Guadalajara: Barbacoa, dorados, al pastor, steak and suadero.

"DiDi Food started operations by incorporating all the variety of delicious dishes that Mexican food has to offer, this has allowed us to connect our users with the best local restaurants throughout the country, including the best taquerias in each state. Tacos are a hallmark of Mexican cuisine and one of the most requested dishes through our platform. We continually seek to incorporate new restaurants and brands so that our users have access to a diversity of dishes for all occasions and at affordable costs, since we do not charge service fees, making us an option for all budgets," commented Arnulfo González, Director of Business Development at DiDi Food for Latin America.

Every lover of this iconic dish knows which are the best taquerias in their surroundings, but in case you don't know, DiDi Food shares which are the four taquerias with the most requests for orders through the app in Guadalajara: Tacos el Güero Alteño, Taquería Los Tarascos, Tacos El Ranchero and Taquería Barbacos.

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